Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Life's Hard and Scary

Grace got up this morning with a smile, ate a good breakfast (never know if she will), looked through some books and jabbered away and then when it was time to practice with the reverse walker, she threw a fit. This has been going on for about a week now. The frustrating thing is, when we first started using the reverse walker, she was a champ! Now, she cries and acts like it's just too hard or too scary. So, we've decided there will be no "walking" unless she uses her walker. She loves to walk as long as someone is helping her, either by holding her arms or her waist. I feel like a really mean mommy but I want her to learn to do things by herself. I want her to learn that it is her responsibility to get from A to B and that there will not always be someone there to help her...that sometimes it is hard and scary but we have to do it anyway. That's just the way life is sometimes, whether you have disability or not. I love you so much Grace that is why we can't "walk around" right now unless we use our walker. Hopefully she will understand that one day. Why am I crying right now? Maybe because it's just to hard to let your babies go.


Anonymous said...

That is what we are suppose to do. Teach them how to be independent. It is extremely hard and at times very counterintuitive. You are doing the best thing for Grace. What a great Mommy you are.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

I am crying with you too, but it has to be done. Grace will thank you for it someday.
You're the greatest!!

Love you,

Shay said...

You have such adorable children! You are reassured that you are doing the best thing for your children. God Bless.

AZ Chapmen said...

I know it can be hard but set high goals for them and work togeter and y they will shine.

Lonnie said...

We have to push Daniel the same way. It is a shame that these very "simple" things that most of us never give a second thought to, have to be so difficult, frustrating and traumatic for our children. Hang in there. Your kids are beautiful and are obviously in great hands.


Be Inspired Always said...

You're doing a wonderful job.