Saturday, October 19, 2013

Just a Little Shopping

I hate shopping.  Oh I like new things, but I hate picking them out.  I'm so indecisive.  And when I do make a decision, I worry that I spent too much or that it's the wrong choice.  Trying to putting together clothes for our upcoming family photos has given me many sleepless nights and possibly a few ulcers.  I have purchased and returned so many pairs of shoes that Zappo's most likely has my photo and credit card number posted in their warehouse under the caption "BEWARE, this lady will order six pair of shoes and return five, and three dresses and return two, over and over and over!!"  In my defense, I have kept four of the last ten pairs I have ordered.  Oh  it's bad...and I've just been talking about shopping for my kids' for myself is whole different kind of madness.  Big items?  Shopping for those sends me into a comatose state for a few days.  

My shopping wish list for the near future includes...
Kitchen Tile

Patio Furniture

A new chair for the living room, decorate master bedroom, etc.

But those things are wants and I will be focusing more on the needs for now (at least I consider them needs for special needs).  Many of these things I've refused to even think about, but now we's time, there's a need...and none are inexpensive.  I'll be shopping for...

Renovation to Kids' Bathroom for Accessibility
The only thing we've managed to do on this is install a bar by the toilet for Grace to hold onto and purchase a bath bench which we haven't started using.  Grace is only getting heavier and my back is only getting older.  I'm not even sure the kids' bathroom is going to be wide enough for all we need.

Lap-top Computer and Dictation Software
As Grace's arms and hands are affected by cerebral palsy, her writing is very slow and at times not very legible.  She types some on our desk top but we now need to consider a lap-top she can take to school with a dictation software that she can use for longer writing assignments.  

Power Wheelchair
Grace is doing really well with her walker but it does limit in some in staying up with her classmates.  She has a manual wheelchair but can't move it very effectively either.  Although I prefer her to use her walker as much as possible, it is very important that she doesn't miss out on school activities because she can't get there in time.  Although we are about two years away from insurance paying for another wheelchair (they will only do it about every five years), it is probably time to start deciding what we want and getting the process started.  

Accessible Van
With the need for a power wheelchair (and sometimes with even a manual one), comes the need for a van to carry it in.  OUCH they are expensive.  

And so the research begins for these things.  I'm overwhelmed but ready to focus.  If you have any insights on any of these things (including grants or funding) please let me know.  I'm pretty I'm not going to be to purchase ten of each to try out.