Friday, November 30, 2007


We went to the tree lighting ceremony in Lakewood and Santa was there. This is our first (ever) picture with Santa and it didn't go too well. As you can see, Santa wasn't too happy about it either. However, Angie, Kathryn and I had a good time stepping into the shops and trying the free champagne. Thanks to Brian and Abe for watching the kids and keeping Mack out the street. Christmas is on it's way. HO HO HO!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

It Had To Be Done

Well, it's over...the waiting and wondering...should we...should we not. Yes, we have finally cut Mack's hair!! Can you believe it?? I'm still in shock. I think it was the turkey hangover that made me give in to my husband and mother's pleas. Abe looked at me Friday morning and gently said, "Jacolyn, it has to be done and it's time". We were in Edmond visiting my mother so we weren't sure where to take him so we just picked a children's place nearby. I was sick to my stomach the entire ride over. I kept looking back at Mack thinking..."we can still back out...his hair is so pretty". As you can see from the photos, he wasn't too keen on the idea either. But with a few bribes, which included a blue tractor and a yellow school bus, (yes, he's still into buses and they are conveniently sold in the salon), we all got through it. I'm still not used to it and I'm still a bit weepy but he doesn't seem to mind.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ballerina Dreams

Shortly after Grace was diagnosed with CP, I was running errands in a shopping mall that had a ballet studio. I sat in my car and cried as I watch identical twin girls in their tutus walk across the parking lot. I knew that would never be me. Only one of my girls could ever be a ballerina. Well, maybe I was wrong. I just need to believe in Ballerina Dreams.

Isn't that awesome!!!!!

Give Me Hope

This morning started at 7:30 with OT for Grace (after breakfast of course) and was followed by another 2 hours of time with our ECI developmental specialist working with both Mack and Grace. Mack is have a few behavioral issues that we've been dealing with. While he is probably the sweetest of my trio, he also can have some terrible temper tantrums and tends to lash out at me specifically. I've been told that "it's just a boy thing" or that "I need to spend my one-on-one time with him"...that he is lashing out because I don't give him enough special attention. Ouch!!!! While I have to agree that this is very possible, it still makes me feel terrible. I know he needs me and wants to be with me but because of Grace's condition and because he is one of three, my time and attention can be quite limited. While I would never change a thing, Grace takes so much of me. What do I do?! I'm exhausted as it is. I'm trying to arrange appointments, daycare, while arranging time for us to do fun stuff as well. I feel like I have no time to be a real mommy right now. I find myself asking God, "Did you really think I was strong enough to raise triplets and care for a child with special needs? Show me how! Give me strength! Allow me to give them all they want and need of me."

I keep returning to this passage in Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans that I have for you, declared the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

They're No Dum Dums

Tuesday the kids came home from MDO with small bags of candy, which included Dum Dum lollipops. The bags sat on on the counter for a few days as I contemplated whether to let them have some of it. You see, I have been a been a bit fanatical about their sugar intake...I have limited it probably a little much. So yesterday I gave them the lollipops. They loved them!!! Sophie even got the two-handed twirl it in you mouth move down. Mack wanted to try all flavors so he kept trading with everyone. I think it's too soon to try bubble gum (it was in the bag) but maybe M&Ms are next.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Conductive Education

Grace started Conductive Education this week. (you can watch the video on the website for an overview of the program) The regular program is an intensive 4 week, 5 days per week, 4 hour per day program and is quite expensive. So, we are currently doing an abbreviated version of the program to see if this is something we think will be beneficial to Grace. Insurance does not cover it and our schedule is already pretty packed, so I really need to be convinced this is the best thing for Grace before we make the investment of time and money. We are going on Wed and Thurs for 2 1/2 hours for 4 weeks. The first day consisted of 2 hours of screaming (Grace not me). I had been told this was to be expected. The second day was much better...there was crying but only about an hour and it was not the screaming we had the day before. So far, I'm just confused. They don't want Grace to wear her braces, they don't want to use a reverse walker but a want to use a forward walker...this is all different from what our PT and OT want us to do. I haven't talked to our PT about how the past 2 days have gone and am very interested in what he has to say. So, as I said...I'm confused. More info all off this later.

Sorry...not photos...we've been BUSY!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pee-Diddy (hee hee)

I was thinking this morning about the things I miss since having children. I love my kids and there are so many more things I would miss if I didn't have them. My list is short...

Things I miss:

3) Sleeping in (even though Abe still lets me do this on Saturdays sometimes)

2) Eating without someone else wanting my food (I broke Abe of this years ago)

and the No 1 thing I miss since having kids...

1) Going to the bathroom alone. As soon as I close the bathroom door, the kids start screaming as if they are going to miss something really good. So I open the door and have an audience. There is a lot of discussion among my trio about Pee Pee and Poo Poo (sorry if TMI). I feel like P Diddy when he was filmed going to the bathroom and it was put on YouTube (well, he was standing up :)

Ok, just to clarify...I have not see the YouTube of P Diddy...I just heard about it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

One Bite Each

It was way too quiet in the den this afternoon as put away clothes in the kids' room. I was afraid to go check. But I did, and this is what I found. No, it is not crescent rolls lying all over the's crackers. Previously round crackers that each had one bite out of them. And there stood the culprit handing a now crescent shaped cracker to his sister. Why one bite...what was he looking for...was he afraid he wouldn't get through the entire box before I caught him? Hmmm...interesting! Oh, how Mack loves his snacks!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crazy 8's

"I'm having a kid-free day today", I announced to Abe this morning. So, I have done some shopping, gone to lunch with some friends and now I'm home, but not home (if you know what I mean). I am not to be bothered. And since I'm having a kid-free day, let's talk about me. Another mom did this on her are my Crazy 8's.

Crazy 8's:

8 things I'm passionate about

1. My husband and triplets
2. My extended family
3. God
4. Books/Reading
5. Music
6. Friends
7. Traveling (which I don't get to do much)
8. The beautiful outdoors

8 things I want to do before I die

1. Get my kids potty trained :)
2. Go to Israel
3. Get my closet back (we have a very old, small house)
4. See U2 in concert
5. See my kids be happy, healthy adults
6. Memorize the Psalms
7. Pay off our medical bills (or will I really care if they are paid off :)
8. Learn to play the guitar

8 things I say often

1. "Maaaack!!"
2. "I love you"
3. "Use your words"
4. "When are you coming home?" (to Abe :)
5. "It is what it is"
6. "Let's share"
7. "No, we can't watch Wiggles right now"
8. "Do you want to go to time-out"

8 TV shows I’ve recently watched

1. House
2. Amazing Race
3. The Office
4. Sesame Street
5. The Wiggles
6. Morning News (while on the treadmill(
7. Law & Order
8. America's Funniest Home Videos

8 songs I could listen to over and over

1. The Sweetest Thing by U2
2. His Grace is Sufficient by Jennifer Knapp
3. On My Knees by Jaci Velasquez
4. Flower Parts by Bob Schneider
5. Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
6. Crazy by Patsy Cline
7. Kiss by Prince
8. Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison

8 things that attract me to my best friends

1. They don't judge me
2. They understand me
3. They are real
4. They are lots of fun
5. I trust them
6. They love me for who I am
7. They are crazy
8. They make me want to be a better person (I stole this one but it applies)

8 things I’ve learned this past year

1. I can raise triplets (ok, that one's still to be determined)
2. I have so many blessings
3. It's okay to ask for help
4. God is good and faithful
5. Somethings just REALLY don't matter that much
6. I'm stronger than I thought I was
7. My husband is a great father
8. Prayer really does matter

8 people I think should do '8'

1. Mom
2. Marcy
3. Shelly
4. Jackie
5. Kathryn
6. Sharla
7. Jen
8. Whoever else wants to!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Peanuts Are Bad!!

Kathryn had a party at her cute new house on Saturday night and the whole family was invited. (Don't my kids look ready for a is increasingly difficult to get a photo of all 3 together...oh, and someone asked if Mack was going to be a hippy..hee hee) Anyway, we were having a great time at the party. The kids were eating crackers, cheese and fruit and generally being the life of the party. (I did catch them biting off a few things and putting them back in the bowl so sorry if you got a soggy crustini or cheese curd) Then the peanut episode...Abe and I, simultaneously, see Sophie stick peanuts in her mouth. We have peanut allergies, folks!!! Abe grabs her and pries the peanuts out of her mouth while I prepare to get her outside and in the car. While we rush home, my friend Julie, who is a doctor, rushes to the pharmacy to get an EpiPen. Meanwhile Sophies face is blotching up and her eyes are swelling shut. At home, we douse her in Benedryl and Julie moniters to see if we need the EpiPen. After throwing up (her not me) she seems fine. Abe volunteers to stay home and I go back to Kathryn's and have a much needed glass of wine. Everyone's fine now but Peanuts are BAD!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

And From the Wilds of, Dallas...

I didn't get any really great pictures but you can see what I had to deal with...fussy kids. They got their flu shots yesterday so they were a bit grumpy and tired...but still really cute!!