Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Know It's Early But...

we decorated our Christmas tree tonight. Typically, I need to eat some turkey before I can even think about it, but we are going to be in Oklahoma next weekend and we were feeling "the spirit". As is the tradition, Kat Kat was there and Abe made hot chocolate (even though it was 70 degrees today). We pulled out the Santa hats that are now too small and all the books about Jesus' birth. The kids were so excited and I could barely contain them. We learned what the word "fragile" means and only broke one ornament (actually I did it) as opposed to four that Mack broke last year. The trio are all so proud of their work and even though there is a heavy concentration of ornaments on the bottom of the tree, it is perfect!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's All About the Potty

At one time, I had thought that Grace would be the first of the triplets to be potty trained. About a year ago, she was telling us when she needed to potty and we were well on our way to completing the Tinkle fairy chart.

Well, it is a year later, Grace is 4 and is not potty trained. We have tried everything. Sticker charts, rewards, the threat of wearing diapers to college...we have even tried to shame her by continually repeating..,"You are the only one in your class still in diapers and you may be kicked out of pre-school".

I have thought at times that maybe she is hindered by the cp...maybe she doesn't really know when she needs to use the bathroom, but I'm not sure I believe that. Why would she tell us sometimes and others not. I honestly think that she is fine with the way things are and doesn't mind using the toilet when she just "feels like it".

We now have the cool toilet seat with the toddler seat built it!! Since Grace is now able to sit up on her own, we purchased this in hopes that she would be able to sit on the smaller seat on the big potty and no longer have to use the "baby potty". It's a hit...she loves sitting on the "white potty" and is even now using it properly (and not just a place to read :) She also likes that she has easy access to the toilet paper, because you can never use too much. Wish us luck...we may be on our way to being totally diaper free!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Well, I love YOU!

Although Grace isn't moving around like a typical 4 year old, she is developing some of the typical avoidance tactics when it comes to doing what mommy wants her to do. Her exercises at home have become quite the battle. I have had to become really creative in motivating her to walk, stand, kneel with high knees, etc. She thinks it is so funny to tell me "No!" and then assure me that "I don't love you." Ouch!!! That hurts!! Does she really not love me? Where does that come from??? Where did she learn to say that? Does she resent that I "make" her do therapies and exercises? Will she blame me for everything?

Grace, no matter what...I love YOU and I always will.

Grace and her beloved NiNi

School Pics