Friday, July 6, 2012


I saw Grace last week at DisneyWorld.  Of course you did, you are thinking, she was with you the whole time.  This was Grace in the future.  Ironically enough, she was in FutureLand standing right in front of us to ride Space Mountain.  We were in the Fast Pass or "those with special needs" line.  She was in her early twenties and had long curly blond hair.  She was in a wheelchair much like Graces, only bigger.  Next to her was a young man in his twenties also.  As the Space Mountain car came to a stop for us to board, the man gently picked up the woman and placed her in the seat.  She was all smiles...just like my Grace.  I got to see her one more time as she disembarked from the car, with the man's assistance.  She was laughing and he said "See I told you it would be fun!"  I was mesmerized.  I wanted to ask her name, her diagnose, her life.  There she was Grace in her early twenties....and she was happy.