Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All About Grace

I haven't written much about Grace lately. Not because there is nothing going on but just because I can seem to find the time to sit down and put it all into words.

As most of you know, Grace was in the hospital for six days in the middle of February. She handled it like she does most a champ, and is doing great now. She goes through the therapies, doctors visits, surgeries, etc with a smile and a demand to see the Wiggles. There is rarely any complaining. If any, it's after a long day of being in her AFOs. I can hear the velcro rip as she tries to take them off. After a brief hiatus from therapies, we are back at it.

Grace did a four-week intensive session in Jan-Feb with our favorite PT Lissa ( and is scheduled to start another one on April 19. In the meantime, she has OT twice a week and PT twice a week at the house. Thank goodness we don't have to be on the road for this anymore. She is also attending pre-school, when not in intensive therapy, with Mack and Sophia. She loves school and although she struggles still with writing, she's doing very well and is quite popular with her schoolmates. She uses a walker at school and writes on an easel which is different from every other child in the school, but is still a big part of class discussions and can hang with the best of them. At home, we walk with a walker and crawl a bit. She can now get out of her toddler bed onto the floor but we are still working on making the transition onto the floor for crawling.

As I have pointed out earlier Grace has a wonderful attitude and can light up any room but I wonder if this will change as she becomes more involved in the "world". A few mornings ago she would not get out of bed. I asked her why and she looked at me so sadly and said "Mom, I can't. I can't walk." It was all I could do not to break down in tears but I sat beside her on the bed and we talked a bit. Not specifically about her abilities or inabilities just about us and our relationship. I hope that we can always talk about everything. I, of course, did not ask her, but I often wonder...does she, will she blame me? Will she always love me the way I love her?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Focus Your Eyes! Focus Your Mind! Focus Your Body!

Today Mack finished his third day of his new martial arts class. They first day was kind of rough. He really didn't want to participate. But today he was really into it. The kids are so cute in their gees and belts. I love it when the class starts, they all stand at attention and look at the instructor and say loudly and proudly..."Focus Your Eyes! Focus Your Mind! Focus Your Body!" I'm thinking about yelling that every morning when I get couldn't hurt could it ;)