Thursday, March 4, 2010

Focus Your Eyes! Focus Your Mind! Focus Your Body!

Today Mack finished his third day of his new martial arts class. They first day was kind of rough. He really didn't want to participate. But today he was really into it. The kids are so cute in their gees and belts. I love it when the class starts, they all stand at attention and look at the instructor and say loudly and proudly..."Focus Your Eyes! Focus Your Mind! Focus Your Body!" I'm thinking about yelling that every morning when I get couldn't hurt could it ;)


Katy said...

My brother teaches martial arts to little kids--I'm going to have to go spy one day.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't hurt.

Ours both tested straight through to black belt in 3 years. We love martial arts here.


PS (I got several spam comments from old posts here. I won't be subscribing to comments this time. You might want to go back and delete the spam comments.)

Anonymous said...

He does look very cute!

Anonymous said...

He does look so cute! Ni Ni