Thursday, June 10, 2010

And From Ambergris Caye

It has been so interesting to me how my perspective on life in general has changed since Grace's CP diagnosis. Our life is not as we imagined. It seems now that I view places and occasions based on accessibility...can Grace do that...can we get her will it work??

Abe and I are currently in Belize celebrating our 10 year anniversary...our first trip together since the birth of our triplets. We are staying on a beautiful island and have seen many families with their children. My thoughts of bringing our triplets, specifically Grace, here actually started as we boardeded a very small plane from the main land to the island. How would we get Grace's wheelchair on this plane? Then as we landed, how would Grace do with her walker on the very sandy and bumpy streets?

Yesterday we went on our first scuba dive in Belize. I thought of how much Mack would love seeing all the sea creatures he loves to read about about, up close and personal. Then as we donned our scuba gear, I realized that Grace will probably never be able to scuba dive. Will she ever be able to pat a sea turtle?

This morning over coffee, I watched a family with 3 kids and listened as they talked about the activities of their day. Will she ever snorkel or kayak? Will Grace ever be able to see Mayan ruins? Will she ever be able to cave tube?

Dear God, I prayed, how do I as her mother make sure she get to live to the fullest? Please don't let me fail.