Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shop at Harold's

Harold’s at Inwood Village in Dallas (which is a men and women’s clothing boutique) is hosting a “shop night” for ACCDAT (Grace's school)!

Thursday evening (July 31st) from 6:00 – 8:00pm Harold’s will donate 5% of their total sales, during this time slot, to A Child Can Do All Things. Wine and hors d-oeuvres will be served.

In addition, shoppers will receive a $25.00 off coupon of a purchase of $100.00 or more. These offers are only good for the duration of the event.

Please, Please, Please let all of your friends, family members and co-workers know about this event. This is a great way to buy some new, fun clothes and help ACCDAT out too!

Harold’s – Inwood Village

5550 Lovers Lane Ste. # 163

Dallas, Texas 75209


Friday, July 25, 2008

Conductive Education Update - 3rd Camp

Grace started her 3rd 4 week Conductive Education camp July 7. I'm not sure why, but the first week was awful. She pretty much cried for 6 hours everyday. There was even discussion of pulling her out of the camp if she didn't stop because she really wasn't getting any benefit. Week 2 was better but still not great.

So after many one-on-one conversations between Grace and me (and many prayers)...about how big and strong she was and how Timi would help her learn to walk if she did what she told her to do...we started this week off on Monday with her saying "No crying". As Timi came to take her from me into the classroom, her bottom lip started to quiver but she didn't cry. It has been a great week!!! No crying and she even told me one day, "I had a fun day!" Next week is the last week until September camp so we are hoping and praying for another great week.

The last two photos below are with her friend Hailey...isn't she a cutie. Look at our strong girls with their new walkers!

Renowned Butt Artists??

Stacey (LOVE her blog!) at Housewife in Flipflops has requested this for her birthday. I just had to share. You must read the commentary...it's hilarious!! And I have to say I'm so disappointed I didn't request this for my birthday...maybe Christmas...anyone?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Want A Pig, Please

Today was our second week to attend the Studio Movie Grill Kids Summer Series. The have $1 movies for kids during the day and you can have lunch while you watch the movie, so it keeps Mack occupied (he loves to eat :), and keeps us out of the heat. Geez...it's hot here!!

Last week we saw Happy Feet and this week we saw Charlotte's Web (the non-animated version). I was so excited to see it because it had been a gazillion years since I had seen it (the animated version of course) and I was hoping that Mack and Sophie would like it. They were great and really into the movie for about an hour. Mack even requested as Wilbur was playing in the mud..."I want a pig, please." (He has such good manners)

I'm thinking a pig might be better than a dog and is definitely better than a cat and...he did say please...a pig should be our first pet.

Grace wasn't able to be with us since she is attending CE camp which I promise to update you all on soon. We really really missed her. Sophie and Mack kept asking "Where' Grace?". That makes me sad, but I know she is where she needs to be for now.

Save My Starbucks, Please!!!!

Everyone is going crazy on Lower Greenville! We want our Starbucks!! It's been on the news with the Why Guy, letters are being written, you can sign a petition, and there's even a website.

Save my Starbucks! Save our sanity!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I Wanna Be The Cow!

When our trio was born we were given a Bevo hooded towel. Now for those of you not from Texas, Bevo is the University of Texas' mascot...a longhorn steer. In Nov 2005, all of the babies were finally home from the NICU and Kathryn and I decided to try to get a decent picture of all three for our Christmas cards. Just for Abe we took some photos in the UT onsies and Bevo towel. We took hundreds of photos and ended up using some in Santa hats...anyway...

I haven't had the Bevo towel out in a really long time but as I was looking for beach towels, I came across it and decided the kids might like to use it. At first they didn't want to use it but now they all "wanna be the cow" after bath time. I'm sure Abe is thrilled that they called his beloved Bevo the cow. Sorry hon...but it's a cow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Slow Down Mommy!

I think Abe has been talking to the kids about my driving.

Yesterday as I'm taking M & S to swimming lessons, I bump a curb as I'm making a turn in the minivan. From the very back I hear Sophie scold me....

"Be careful Mommy. Slow down!"

"Ok Sophie, but I wasn't driving too fast. Just don't tell your daddy." I reply

Monday, July 14, 2008

All Grace's Boyfriends

Last week as we were waiting to go into the Conductive Education room, one of the other mommy's started telling me that her little boy Trevor thought Grace was so cute and she was his girlfriend. I thought that was pretty sweet.

Well, this morning as we are waiting, I overhear Matt's brother ask him if he had asked Gracie to be his girlfriend...she's really pretty. Matt looked over at me and I think he was a little embarrassed.

Apparently, even with all the crying she has been doing at camp, she is still quite popular with the boys. Well...do you blame them? She IS pretty cute!

Swimming Lessons

Mack and Sophie are taking swimming lessons this month for 18 days! They started last Wednesday and have cried pretty much every day. They cry when I drop them off but when they are not at lessons they talk about how great it is. The woman who is teaching the class has been teaching for 40 years and has taught some of the parents of some of the kids taking classes now. I like that she has so much experience. The parents are not allowed to stay during the lesson because of all the crying but I have managed to watch a little bit without them seeing me. They are really doing great. It is hard for me to drop them off with Grace asking to go swimming with them. I hope to get her into some kind of swim therapy soon. I REALLY wish they could all take lessons together but well...that's not the way things have worked out for us.



The tree I hide behind to take pictures.

Time to go home!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ACCDAT Golf Tournament

In a previous post I mentioned a fund raiser that will be occurring in September to benefit A Child Can Do All Things (or Conductive Education of Dallas). This is the organization where Grace attends the conductive education camp that I have mentioned several times in my blog. On September 22 there will be a golf tournament and family luau. It is great fun and I wanted to give you the opportunity to participate if you would like. Below is a letter that Abe and I have sent out requesting sponsorship which will explain what ACCDAT means to us and you can see more info about the golf tournament on accdat.org at Annual Golf Classic. There is detailed information about sponsorship levels, or if you just want to play golf, or if you just want to come swim and drink beer at the luau. Please email me (address below) if you want more info.
We would like to send you a packet about a very special golf tournament that is helping change the lives of families with children who have motor disabilities. The 3rd Annual A Child Can Do All Things Golf Tournament and Family Luau, which will be September 22, offers several unique sponsorship opportunities or just a fun day of golf for your family and friends. It is our hope that you or your company will consider becoming involved by participating, sponsoring or simply donating funds to help local children and families. Please read on to see the impact this organization is making in our lives.

One of our triplets, our daughter Grace, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at age 1, and I can tell you at that moment, all you want to do is to figure out how to give your child the best possible life. After participating in numerous therapies, we learned about a type of therapy called Conductive Education, which has actually been in Europe for about 50 years and is relatively new in the U.S. There are only about ten states that have this program, and fortunately we have one in Dallas at A Child Can Do All Things (ACCDAT), an IRS Sec 501(c)(3) organization.

Grace participated in this therapy at two 4-week camps, and our physical therapist will concur that the results have been amazing! Conductive Education is a combined special education and physical therapy, based on the concept that motor control can be learned and re-learned. Trained professionals (some from Hungary) work with the children in intense day-long therapy sessions which include a lot of repetition. When this is begun at an early age, it is possible that the child will walk one day. We now have that hope for Grace.

Because tuition for ACCDAT is not covered by insurance or Medicaid, parents and fundraising keep the organization running. Therefore you see the reason this golf tournament is so important. We must strive to keep the program affordable for the current families enrolled and bring in more families and more certified trainers. Many families already come from other cities like Houston, spending a month in Dallas so their child can go through the program.

Please join us and be a part of this golf tournament, understanding that your sponsorship dollars directly benefit the children of A Child Can Do All Things. I hope you will take a minute to visit the video link from 60 Minutes on ACCDAT's Web site that explains Conductive Education extremely well (go to “What is Conductive Education?” link on the Web site for the story).

We would love to talk to you more about this incredible organization and hope you can participate. Not only will the golf tournament be lots of fun, it’s for a wonderful cause. Thanks for your consideration.

All our best!

Jacolyn and Abe Lieck


Grace started another 4-week Conductive Education camp yesterday. This camp will be a bit more challenging for her because she is going the full day for the first time. The first camp she attended for only 3 hours a day, the second for 4 hours day, and this time she will stay 6 hours. This means no nap and a lot of work.

When I picked her up yesterday, she looked tired...happy, but exhausted. She was using her new forward walker and doing a great job. I knew it had been a long day. We got home about 3:30. About 4:30 she started requesting a nap. "I need a nap." She would say about every 10 minutes. I tried to keep her occupied and awake. I knew a nap now would mean a potentially sleepless night. We had dinner about 5:30 and after many very sweet requests for bed, I got a "I Want to go to Bed!" So we had a quick bath and she was in bed by 6:00. Not even Mack could wake her up. We didn't hear a peep until 7:00 this morning. Hmmm....not bad...I could get used to that.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Say It Isn't So!!!!!!

Starbucks Logo

I have terrible news!! This morning as I'm waiting for my Grande 3 Pump Vanilla Non-Fat Latte, Jason (my favorite barista and the guy I wanted Kathryn to marry but she has Dater now) informs me that the store is closing! I had read that Starbucks was closing 600 stores but never in my wildest dreams imagined that MY beloved Starbucks would EVER shut down.

How can THEY do this to ME??!! My haven from the chaos which is my life...the Starbucks where I do my morning Bible study...the Starbucks where I get to see Andy, Alisha, Sharon, the 2 Jasons and Emily, all my best barista friends...the Starbucks where I get to hang out with other moms and get the scoop on schools, activities, etc...the Starbucks right next to Glorias where I can get a margarita after I have coffee (or vice versa).

My life is ruined! What's a caffeine addict to do? Make coffee at home? Riiiight.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mommy's Bed

Just when I think everyone is well, Gracie vomits again (or "spits out" as Sophie keeps saying). Mack is in school today and the girls are hanging out with me. They were lounging on the sofa but they both asked to go to "mommy's bed". So here they are watching cartoons and begging for milk which I can't give them. It's been a long week. I'm so glad Abe is home from his out of town trip.