Friday, July 25, 2008

Conductive Education Update - 3rd Camp

Grace started her 3rd 4 week Conductive Education camp July 7. I'm not sure why, but the first week was awful. She pretty much cried for 6 hours everyday. There was even discussion of pulling her out of the camp if she didn't stop because she really wasn't getting any benefit. Week 2 was better but still not great.

So after many one-on-one conversations between Grace and me (and many prayers)...about how big and strong she was and how Timi would help her learn to walk if she did what she told her to do...we started this week off on Monday with her saying "No crying". As Timi came to take her from me into the classroom, her bottom lip started to quiver but she didn't cry. It has been a great week!!! No crying and she even told me one day, "I had a fun day!" Next week is the last week until September camp so we are hoping and praying for another great week.

The last two photos below are with her friend Hailey...isn't she a cutie. Look at our strong girls with their new walkers!


AZ Chapman said...

Keep up the great work Grace I know working hard is not always easy but it pays off down the line trust me

Jackie said...

Precious Precious Gracie... JackJack is SO PROUD of you. We will go get ice cream - just me & you! love, JJ

The Iveys said...

She is so precious! That is fantastic that there are places like this for her! She's a cutie and I LOVE her curls!

Anonymous said...

Grace is looking GOOOOD!

Anonymous said...

Such a brave little girl - we're so proud of her.

Neville & Jerry

BusyLizzyMom said...

What a pair of cuties. It is great that Grace is meeting new friends. Cool walkers.