Friday, April 23, 2010

Mommy, Please Stay With Me

This week Grace started another session of "intensive therapy" at Beginning Steps Therapy. (sorry the photos are so bad, my camera is broken so I'm having to use my phone) She will go everyday for three weeks for three hours each session. This is her third time to do this and this time her sessions are from 1:00-4:00. The first time she did this I stayed most days for all three hours. I was able to do this because it was in the morning and Mack and Sophia were in school. This time however, I am not able to stay every day. Most days I have to meet Mack and Sophia back at the house by 2:00 and other days we have things to get done.

"Mommy, will you stay and watch me today?", Grace will ask me most days and when I can't she cries. But only for a little while. She loves Lissa, her therapist, and I trust her completely. She seems perfectly content when I pick her up but I still feel guilty. I especially feel guilty when I have to leave so I can take Sophia to dance lessons, somewhere I know Grace would love to be and will never really fit in. One day this week, as I was leaving I told Grace I had to take Sophia to dance lessons and I felt bad as if I shouldn't have told her and that Sophia needs to change out her leotard before we pick Grace up. But somehow hiding it from her also feels wrong. What would you do?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When I've Almost Given Up

As Mindy Smith sings "When I've almost given up, something about you draws me back again"; when I almost think I can't do it anymore, there are some very special people that keep me going...all those wonderful moms of children with special needs out there. You know your life and the life of your child will not be as you had hoped or expected. Your struggles will not include picking out soccer shoes but picking out shoes that fit over those awful AFOs. Your concerns do not include whether your child will make the cheerleading squad or debate team; you just wonder if they will ever speak...or see...or hear. However you still find the joy and the triumphs and you still manage to encourage others along the way. I really needed to go on your blogs today and see the sun.

Thank all know who you are.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

See Grace Walk the Runway

On March 30, Grace and Sophia participated in the Spring Fashion Show fundraiser for A Child Can Do All Things. Well, I guess I should say Grace participated. Sophia did really well during the rehearsal but when it was show time, she remained frozen under the Barney's New York sign clutching her Ariel doll. Grace however, did great!

During the fashion show last year, I carried Grace down the runway and this year she was able to walk alone with her walker! She was so proud...just see the smile on her face in the news footage below. (she's the blond in the white pants and brown shirt)

Charity Helps Young Palsy Patients Walk Runway

Grace has participated in ACCDAT camps over the 2 1/2 years and we attribute much of her progress to this amazing program and her hard work.