Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MJ for Halloween

We have been trying to decide what to dress as for Halloween. Grace has the perfect idea. She already knows 3 of his songs.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our First Soccer Game

Saturday was the first soccer game for the Little Kicks. There had only been one practice due to all the rain we'd had, so I was expecting chaos. I wasn't able to go because Grace had physical therapy at the same time, so Abe and Kat took Mack and Sophie. They looked so cute in their soccer clothes...I almost cried.

Sophie loved it but it took Mack awhile to warm up to the whole thing. He eventually wanted to play and said he have fun, so we are looking forward to next week. Yea Soccer!!! (as Sophie says)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Look What Grandpa Made!

Thanks to Grandpa Lieck, Grace now has her own set of parallel bars! For about $30 of PVC pipe, this cool set of bars was made by Grace's very creative and handy grandfather. We love them and they work perfectly. She is able to practice her forward stride and cruising at home with these. Plus they are light enough for me to stand on end and put in the corner when not using. They are perfect!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

May I Have a P Please

Today was Grace's first day of pre-school. She is attending with Mack and Sophie and has an aide to help her get around the classroom. I got there early to make sure everyone (kids, teacher, aide) were comfortable with the set-up, and I had a few minutes to talk with the teacher about Mack and Sophie and how their first week (last week) went.

Teacher: "We have been working on writing our names and Sophie does well, however I have a funny story...I hope you're not offended."

Oh no, I'm thinking, what has my daughter done?!

Teacher: "I was watching Sophie write her name and there was an S and an O and then an H. So, I asked her...Sophie, that is really good, but where is the P?"

Sophie: "Right there!" As she points down to her bottom.

Oh Sophie, you are such a logical, deep-thinking child. I love you!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Question: What is missing in this photo?

Answer: A hat, a visor, or any type of head covering. After 5 months, Mack no longer insists/demands to wear an animal themed hat. It really didn't bother me but his dad was really getting tired of the whole thing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zoo Outing

Last week we spent a morning at the zoo with Marcy and Matthew. Grace was at physical therapy so it was just me, Mack and Sophie. I always feel guilty about these outings without Grace but we had a great time. I keep reminding myself that Grace gets to do plenty of stuff and she needs to be in pt right now. It also help that my friends keep reminding me of this also.

Mack and Soph looking at the "mingos" (flamingos)
Cool parrot and cool kids.
Love the penguins!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Girls' Night - Manis, Pedis and The Sound of Music

Saturday night the Horns were playing so Abe and Mack went to a friend's house to watch football. Kathryn, Grace, Sophie and I has a girls' night. While we watched The Sound of Music (and of course, sang along...and sounded dang good), Kathryn gave Grace and Sopie manicures and pedicures. At their request, request four different nail polish colors were used. Each hand and foot and a different color...brown, blue, red and pink.

Grace and Sophie then wanted to give Kat a pedicure. God bless her...she let them. One foot was almost entirely blue when they were finished and she left it that way...well, at least until today because she didn't want to hurt their feelings. Kat, you are one in a million!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Intensive Physical Therapy

Tomorrow begins our last week of Grace's first session of Intensive/Therasuit Therapy. This session lasts for three weeks, three hours a day. There is a long waiting list for this physical therapy in Dallas at Beginning Steps and we were so fortunate that some cancellations occurred and we were able to slip into a slot. We were previously looking at next October for our first session. You can read more about Therasuit Therapy here.

Grace has been great...for the most part. She has been doing better than I would probably do if I had to "work out" for three hours straight every day. There have been a few tears but not because of the work. She is still fearful...fearful of falling. She doesn't have enough confidence in her abilities. We are slowing working through this.

Grace is using weights to strengthen her muscles. The weights or repetitions are increased everyday. She is becoming so strong!
Here Grace is wearing the Therasuit and being held my 4 bungees. This helps teach her to stand "properly".
In this photo only 2 bungees are being used. Yipee!! She is getting so much better at standing. She is not wearing the Therasuit here. I like that her time in it is being limited.
Look at her standing with very little assistance!!