Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Girls' Night - Manis, Pedis and The Sound of Music

Saturday night the Horns were playing so Abe and Mack went to a friend's house to watch football. Kathryn, Grace, Sophie and I has a girls' night. While we watched The Sound of Music (and of course, sang along...and sounded dang good), Kathryn gave Grace and Sopie manicures and pedicures. At their request, request four different nail polish colors were used. Each hand and foot and a different color...brown, blue, red and pink.

Grace and Sophie then wanted to give Kat a pedicure. God bless her...she let them. One foot was almost entirely blue when they were finished and she left it that way...well, at least until today because she didn't want to hurt their feelings. Kat, you are one in a million!!


AZ Chapman said...

so fun I like getting my toes done as well

Anonymous said...

Kathryn you are great. Can I polish your toes when you come to see me?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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