Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zoo Outing

Last week we spent a morning at the zoo with Marcy and Matthew. Grace was at physical therapy so it was just me, Mack and Sophie. I always feel guilty about these outings without Grace but we had a great time. I keep reminding myself that Grace gets to do plenty of stuff and she needs to be in pt right now. It also help that my friends keep reminding me of this also.

Mack and Soph looking at the "mingos" (flamingos)
Cool parrot and cool kids.
Love the penguins!


Anonymous said...

Gracie gets plenty of one-on-one time. Looks like Sophia & Mack loved it. And the pics of the penguins are great! love, J

AZ Chapman said...

looks like u had fun come visit

Anonymous said...

I always love to read and see pictures of what's going on. I have missed your blog.