Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lions, Tigers, and Triplets...Oh My!!

This morning we went to the Dallas Zoo with the Jones triplets and their little brother. I have lived in Dallas for 20 years and this is the first time I have been to the Dallas Zoo. We had an excellent time and I think the elephant was probably everyone's favorite. We got lots of trumpeting elephant sounds from the kids. I bought a year membership so we plan to go often...when it cools off :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't Forget Mack

I just realized I haven't posted any pictures of Mack lately. Well, here he is...sitting on his sister and contemplating his next move at the park. He is such a boy!!!

Giggly Girls and Wiggly Girls

This photo was taken this afternoon while Grace and Sophie giggled together as they tried to touch each others nose. It is the best sound ever!!!

Grace, Kat and Sophie are displaying their favorite Wiggles character. These Colorforms were one of the MANY presents Kat gave the kids on their birthday. She doesn't spoil them one bit :) (hey - do you remember Colorforms?)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

'NacKK Time

Just some photos from snack times (or NacKK time as Mack calls it). Thanks Jen and Brad for the new plates and bowls. They are perfect for snack time and they love them!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bye, Bye Starbucks - NTR (Not Triplet Related)

Abe and I have decided, or should I say Abe has challenged me, to go on a detox diet. This basically means that for the next two weeks (starting tomorrow) we can have nothing but certain fruits and vegetables and, most importantly, no caffeine can be consumed during this period as well. The photo above is my last cup of coffee for two weeks (notice I got a triplet shot). Can I actually do it? It might get ugly! (As my sister Shelly so lovingly pointed out "People aren't going to like you very much"...Thanks Shell for the vote of confidence :) So, during the next two weeks, if you hear a primal scream coming from the M Streets, hurry over with a Grande Vanilla No-Fat Latte (better make that a Triple Venti :) it may make life better for everyone!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

KinderMusic is fun until you have to give the toys back

Abe has been out of town since Monday morning and we don't have MDO this week so I have been looking for things to keep us busy everyday while trying to maintain my sanity. I don't know what possessed me this morning (maybe the extra shot of espresso in my latte :), but I decided to take the trio to KinderMusic at the Lakewood Library. First of all, this required some do I get everyone in the library without the triplestroller. Grace went in the single stroller, I carried Mack (he refused to walk) and Sophie "helped" me push the stroller. I was most worried about Sophie running off in the parking lot. She has no fear! It took a while but we finally made it into the library without much incident. Sophie loves the library!! She would pick a book, "read" through it, put it back, and chose another. Grace also enjoyed the books and Mack just hung onto me. (He's kind of shy and there were a lot of kids there).

The KinderMusic class was held in a small auditorium in the library. We sat on the floor and the leader stood on a small stage and "tried" to keep all the kids off the stage. It was pretty chaotic but you could tell she was an "expert". We were having a pretty good time until it was time to give the music shakers back. Mack lost it!! He threw a shoe across the room hitting another mommy (luckily it was only a Croc) and then pulled Grace's hair. After I apologized to every one around us, we ended up staying until the teacher started to bring out beach balls, of which there were not enough for each child. Well, time to go...I'm wasn't up for another Mack Meltdown. We came straight home, had lunch and Mack went right down for a nap. I can say one thing for Mack, he loves to sleep...just like his mommy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Grace's Team

Last week it hit daughter has cerebral palsy. I was discussing with her PT the possibility that Grace may require a wheel chair when it is time for her to go to school. Now this is nothing new...nothing that hasn't been discussed or considered previously (we even have tried one out at mobility camp)...but for some reason, this time I cried all the way home from physical therapy. I go through the PT and OT sessions, the Botox treatments and all the other doctors' visits with an optimism...a peaceful sense of knowing that Grace is going to be ok (some may call it denial). I guess I just haven't really thought much about what exactly "OK" might look like for her. I know that many of us (if I may speak for you) believe that ok often requires full physical and mental faculties. OK may require that there are no "special needs". Well is that is the case, then I personally think none of us are OK...we all have special needs...or at least I do. Luckily Grace has a team of specialist to help...if we could all be so lucky.

There are some people that have come into our lives to assist us with Grace's special needs and I am ever so thankful for them. Sandra is Grace's Occupational Therapist (OT). Sandra comes to our house 6 times a month to see Grace and previously also came to see Mack and Sophie who have since graduated from OT. Our family loves Sandra. Mack and Sophie are always hopeful that Sandra is at the house to "play" with them and although she no longer has appointments with them she always takes time for a hug for Sophie and a chat with Mack. Sandra is also a member of our church and has watched Grace in the nursery so that Abe and I can attend church together. God has blessed us with the special lady. (See Photo 1)

Grace has physical therapy twice weekly with Jacob at Medical City. Grace loves these visits. She gets to play with new toys and try out cool equipment like the Amtryke tricycle which she loves. Jacob is so patient with Grace when she doesn't want to do certain things and becomes very headstrong. These visits have been tremendous for her. Jacob is also my sanity check when I become overwhelmed with all the equipment and therapies that are out there. (See Photos 2 & 3) Brenda is also in the picture. She was an intern during the summer. She will make a great PT!

Maureen has been with us since shortly after the kids came home from the hospital. She is our services coordinator and developmental specialist with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). I am so thankful this organization exists and we have been so lucky to have such a great team. As you can imagine, having 3 mircropremie babies has made me a bit neurotic about many things concerning my children. Mo helps me find the help I need...doctors, books, etc. She has been wonderful!! (I cannot find our photo with Maureen so I'll have to post one later)

Below is an excerpt from Mel's (Crew's mommy) blog which I really like. If you get a chance take a look at her blog. She's very inspiring (
Recently, I came across a scripture that has given me strength found in Romans 15:1 " We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves". This scripture can be used in reference to physical and spiritual weakness and it does have double meaning in my life in that while I am physically strong I am not always spiritually strong. I try to be but just like you I have my days... Ironically, Crew is often the strong one. He is blessed with a strong spirit and he lifts me up.
Thanks Mel for sharing the journey with us!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

All About Me...

Yes, as many of you have pointed out, I have been neglecting my blog! Well, I'm back! Since I last posted I have been to Colorado and New York and in between trips celebrating my trio's 2nd birthday. Can you believe it...they are 2!!! Ok, I'll start from the beginning...

The weekend of August 4 Abe and I traveled to Colorado for a wedding. My wonderful friend Julie got married! While I am ever so happy for her it is a bit bittersweet. She has now moved to Denver and won't be right around the corner from me. I miss her already!! We had a great time in is beautiful!! Friday night we stayed with one of my best friends from 3rd grade. Shannon and her family live in Denver. They were wonderful hosts and it was so good to catch up. It had been about 5 years since I had seen her!!! After the wedding on Sunday Abe and I went hiking in the Red Rocks which is in between Evergreen and Colorado.

The kids turned 2 on Aug 9. We had a few friends over for burgers and cupcakes. It was a very small get together as we are having a party with the family on Aug 18 in Austin. M, G and S's cousin Aubrey turns 2 this month also so we are having a combined party and there will be more about this and photos later.

Last weekend I met my sister Shelly, my mother and her friend David and our friends Neville and Jerry in NYC. I love New York and I could just walk around and sight see and people watch all day. We went to a Broadway show, shopped and met Abe's sister Rachael and her husband for dinner one night (his summer internship is in NYC). I had a great time. It was all worth the entire day I wasted in the airport after my original flight was canceled. I heart NY!!

I realize this post was all about me. Don't worry there will be many more about the kids to come.

Photo 1: Shannon and me
Photo 2: Abe at the lake in Evergreen. We went walking around the lake and enjoyed the cool weather.
Photo 3: Marcy, Julie (the beautiful bride) and me
Photo 4: Me in the Red Rocks in CO. This area was too cool
Photo 5: Shelly and me on the NY subway

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Summer MDO is coming to an end...

and we are all very sad. Well, I don't think the kids are really too concerned but I'm a little sad because tomorrow is the last day of summer MDO. We only have two weeks off until Fall MDO begins but I gotten used to my free Tuesdays and Thursdays. Does that make me a terrible mom? Sometimes I feel like it does but I have to say I mostly feel like it makes me a better mom. I am able to regain my sanity during those times. You see, three 2 year olds are wearing me out!! They have so much energy and are starting to really test how much they can get away with. Sophie has even started the fake temper tantrums. The whining beings, the head goes down and then she dramatically throws herself across the floor. She really needs to work on her routine though because there are absolutely no tears. In the picture above we are decorating the gift bags for the wonderful teachers the kids had at MDO. Have I mentioned how much I love MDO :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What did you do last summer?

Mel has blogged about her family's last summer and has challenged us to write about ours. Ok, maybe it wasn't a challenge exactly but it is for me...I can barely remember what I did yesterday. So after perusing through photos here's what I got. Just a brief summary....

We went to see Abe's family in Boerne. Here we are at a roadside stop for lunch. This was our first long trip and I was very anxious about it.

We swam and cooked out in the backyard.

We went to the Nasher Sculptor Garden with Brian and Angie. It's an amazing place if you ever get a chance to go.

We drove to South Padre (boy that's a long drive) to visit my brother's family. We went to the beach and...

stopped at Starbucks on the way home.

We celebrated Mack, Grace and Sophie's 1st birthday...

with their cousins Aubrey, Macey and Darcey.

We had a wonderful summer in 2006!