Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bye, Bye Starbucks - NTR (Not Triplet Related)

Abe and I have decided, or should I say Abe has challenged me, to go on a detox diet. This basically means that for the next two weeks (starting tomorrow) we can have nothing but certain fruits and vegetables and, most importantly, no caffeine can be consumed during this period as well. The photo above is my last cup of coffee for two weeks (notice I got a triplet shot). Can I actually do it? It might get ugly! (As my sister Shelly so lovingly pointed out "People aren't going to like you very much"...Thanks Shell for the vote of confidence :) So, during the next two weeks, if you hear a primal scream coming from the M Streets, hurry over with a Grande Vanilla No-Fat Latte (better make that a Triple Venti :) it may make life better for everyone!


Anonymous said...

You go, girl!!! You're a better woman than I am! I've heard of these diets and I can't discount the benefits...but there is no way I can give up my Diet Coke. I'm pulling for you!!! You can do it!!!!!
Kelly Lambert

KiddoKare1 said...

Oh my! NO caffeine! Well, good luck with that!