Wednesday, August 22, 2007

KinderMusic is fun until you have to give the toys back

Abe has been out of town since Monday morning and we don't have MDO this week so I have been looking for things to keep us busy everyday while trying to maintain my sanity. I don't know what possessed me this morning (maybe the extra shot of espresso in my latte :), but I decided to take the trio to KinderMusic at the Lakewood Library. First of all, this required some do I get everyone in the library without the triplestroller. Grace went in the single stroller, I carried Mack (he refused to walk) and Sophie "helped" me push the stroller. I was most worried about Sophie running off in the parking lot. She has no fear! It took a while but we finally made it into the library without much incident. Sophie loves the library!! She would pick a book, "read" through it, put it back, and chose another. Grace also enjoyed the books and Mack just hung onto me. (He's kind of shy and there were a lot of kids there).

The KinderMusic class was held in a small auditorium in the library. We sat on the floor and the leader stood on a small stage and "tried" to keep all the kids off the stage. It was pretty chaotic but you could tell she was an "expert". We were having a pretty good time until it was time to give the music shakers back. Mack lost it!! He threw a shoe across the room hitting another mommy (luckily it was only a Croc) and then pulled Grace's hair. After I apologized to every one around us, we ended up staying until the teacher started to bring out beach balls, of which there were not enough for each child. Well, time to go...I'm wasn't up for another Mack Meltdown. We came straight home, had lunch and Mack went right down for a nap. I can say one thing for Mack, he loves to sleep...just like his mommy.

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