Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Save My Starbucks, Please!!!!

Everyone is going crazy on Lower Greenville! We want our Starbucks!! It's been on the news with the Why Guy, letters are being written, you can sign a petition, and there's even a website.

Save my Starbucks! Save our sanity!!


The Iveys said...

I signed it for ya! Although it doesn't affect me, I feel for ya! Thankfully they are keeping ours open! GOOD LUCK!

AZ Chapman said...

hope it all works out

Ps I found out that I will be in San Antonio when I visit I guess we won't met after all

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition to support you, buddy! Hope it helps. There is nothing worse that a caffeine deprived Mom.

Neon_Java said...

The regulars at the Atlanta-Vinings Starbucks produced a video and posted it to YouTube to protest the closing of their Starbucks. With the considerable talent among the regulars of the Lower Greenville-Dallas (Store 6262) and our passionate defense of it, we ought to be doing the same!

Go to YouTube and look at "Don't Close Vinings Starbucks" (9 minutes, 28 seconds):