Friday, November 6, 2009

Well, I love YOU!

Although Grace isn't moving around like a typical 4 year old, she is developing some of the typical avoidance tactics when it comes to doing what mommy wants her to do. Her exercises at home have become quite the battle. I have had to become really creative in motivating her to walk, stand, kneel with high knees, etc. She thinks it is so funny to tell me "No!" and then assure me that "I don't love you." Ouch!!! That hurts!! Does she really not love me? Where does that come from??? Where did she learn to say that? Does she resent that I "make" her do therapies and exercises? Will she blame me for everything?

Grace, no matter what...I love YOU and I always will.

Grace and her beloved NiNi


Jackie said...

(FYI - I accidentally posted this under "school pics" (which are fabulous by the way!)... but my comment is........

She probably heard it on tv or from another kid, said it, saw that it upset you and presto/chango... a new way to get a response from mommie. Perhaps if she can get you distracted with saying she doesn't love you, you won't make her do her exercises. But we know she loves you and I hope you will rest assured as well. I know I'm "old school" but if I wouldn't allow her to say it without severe consequences cause it's mean. And we all know Gracie is not really mean... just stubborn!

Katy said...

I'm tellin ya--they learn that manipulation early! I swear that today Charlie grinned with glee when he chased me out of Hobby Lobby with his whining. Dont' worry too much--I think it's normal.