Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crazy 8's

"I'm having a kid-free day today", I announced to Abe this morning. So, I have done some shopping, gone to lunch with some friends and now I'm home, but not home (if you know what I mean). I am not to be bothered. And since I'm having a kid-free day, let's talk about me. Another mom did this on her are my Crazy 8's.

Crazy 8's:

8 things I'm passionate about

1. My husband and triplets
2. My extended family
3. God
4. Books/Reading
5. Music
6. Friends
7. Traveling (which I don't get to do much)
8. The beautiful outdoors

8 things I want to do before I die

1. Get my kids potty trained :)
2. Go to Israel
3. Get my closet back (we have a very old, small house)
4. See U2 in concert
5. See my kids be happy, healthy adults
6. Memorize the Psalms
7. Pay off our medical bills (or will I really care if they are paid off :)
8. Learn to play the guitar

8 things I say often

1. "Maaaack!!"
2. "I love you"
3. "Use your words"
4. "When are you coming home?" (to Abe :)
5. "It is what it is"
6. "Let's share"
7. "No, we can't watch Wiggles right now"
8. "Do you want to go to time-out"

8 TV shows I’ve recently watched

1. House
2. Amazing Race
3. The Office
4. Sesame Street
5. The Wiggles
6. Morning News (while on the treadmill(
7. Law & Order
8. America's Funniest Home Videos

8 songs I could listen to over and over

1. The Sweetest Thing by U2
2. His Grace is Sufficient by Jennifer Knapp
3. On My Knees by Jaci Velasquez
4. Flower Parts by Bob Schneider
5. Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
6. Crazy by Patsy Cline
7. Kiss by Prince
8. Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison

8 things that attract me to my best friends

1. They don't judge me
2. They understand me
3. They are real
4. They are lots of fun
5. I trust them
6. They love me for who I am
7. They are crazy
8. They make me want to be a better person (I stole this one but it applies)

8 things I’ve learned this past year

1. I can raise triplets (ok, that one's still to be determined)
2. I have so many blessings
3. It's okay to ask for help
4. God is good and faithful
5. Somethings just REALLY don't matter that much
6. I'm stronger than I thought I was
7. My husband is a great father
8. Prayer really does matter

8 people I think should do '8'

1. Mom
2. Marcy
3. Shelly
4. Jackie
5. Kathryn
6. Sharla
7. Jen
8. Whoever else wants to!


Melissa said...

Haha, I love the "Maaack!!" Boys minds never stop. They constantly come up with things that girls never think of. I have 3 nieces and when I watch them and I have all 6 kids the girls just play nice and are quiet and my boys are always getting into things and coming up with some master plan to destroy something!

Mel said...

I love your Crazy 8's! I realized how much I don't know about you but after reading this I think we could be RLF's.

Your doing a great job with the triplets... I'm impressed with you:)

Jacolyn said...

Thanks Mel! I'm pretty sure we would be RLFs ;)

Angie said...

Glad you got a day off, and glad we could provide a place for Abe and the kids to come so you could get a much needed nap!

Kathryn said...

This is one of my favorite blogs of yours EVER. Seriously, I know I always tell the triplets how much I love them, but I love you a lot too!

Melissa said...

Redo? There must a rule about redoing your crazy 8's LOL. What would you want to change? It took me forever to complete mine. It really made me think.

BTW...lucky you to have a "me" day!