Friday, May 16, 2008

Out of Comission

Sorry I am behind on our blog but something is wrong with our camera and we may have to get a new one. I think I probably have just worn our camera out. I do like to take pictures of my adorable trio.

Today was Grace's last day of this Conductive Education camp. She will be attending another 4 week camp in July. She is getting much better at crawling. She is still commando crawling but is now pulling up on all fours and can crawl that way with a little help. During this camp, Grace proved to be a little more contrary or difficult to deal with. There were a few days when asked to do a task or skill, she would do the opposite and then proclaim "I funny...I funny!!!". She was certainly the class clown. I was asking Abe where she might have gotten the whole "I funny" thing and he says that I say it all the time. I DO NOT!...but I AM funny ;)

Here is a short video of Grace crawling that was taken last week before the camera gave out (obviously). Do you know how difficult and how much strength it takes to commando crawl? Try it sometime. She is doing great!


Anonymous said...

God love her little heart, you can hear her grunt and groan , I am just amazed at her progress. She is a survivor. I am opening the pool tomorrow and it will be ready to swim in next weekend, so if you all are heading this way for the big B. party bring your suits. Remember Grannie's pool is heated. Love to all of you and hope to see you soon.
Grannie D.

BusyLizzyMom said...

It is so much work to do that. We did the same with the mats to help Elizabeth get along without being black and blue. She is so determined, I would have said forget it. Thats the great thing about when they are young they don't give up.
Keep going Grace.

Mel said...

She is doing great! I love how determined she is. The videos are great... I hope you get your camera fixed soon;)

Katy said...

Whenever I see stuff like this I think that I've just got to get Charlie around other kids more. Of course, then I start worrying about all the bugs that kids give to each other, but I think maybe Charlie would be more encouraged if he saw some kids doing the things we're always trying to get him to do.