Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Days At School

Grace started another Conductive Education camp on Tuesday. I was a little nervous about how it would go since the July camp didn't start out so well. After pulling into a parking space at A Child Can Do All Things, I prayed with Grace that she would not be afraid and would have a great day. As I said Amen, Grace said "No crying today". (Well, I almost starting crying right then.) As we entered the room, she looked around and began crying. You could tell she was trying really hard not to, but it was all so much. She only cried a few minutes and I was told by the conductor that she had a wonderful day. As I buckled her carseat for the trip home she said "I had fun today" and we said of prayer of thanksgiving. She is going to do great!!

Mack and Sophie started "official" preschool today. They are going to Northway Christian Day School where they attended Mother's Day Out. They will be going 3 days a week...MWF. Mack started to get a bit weepy as we entered the building but was over it as he saw his cool new classroom. I was a bit weepy as Grace and I left them there so we could take Grace to camp. I hate it that they have to be separated and so do they, but Grace will be attending preschool with them starting October.

Today after I got everyone picked up from their respective places (both schools are 9-3 so it's a juggling act), we stopped at Starbucks afterwards for coffee and a treat.  Kat Kat wasn't working today so she was with us, thankfully.  The kids were actually drinking milk, but don't tell them...they kept calling it coffee (what have I done ;)  

Sophie likes to read the paper while she has her coffee...I seriously think she is turning into me!


AZ Chapman said...

I love the pic of the kids do you have any of them at school or camp

Mel said...

I love the little converstaions you have with your kids. They are so grown up.

Melissa said...

I am glad the first day went well. The kids are so darn cute with their "coffee" and chillin' in the chairs.

Kelly said...

Your kids have coffee, mine have Diet Coke. Ryan asked me for some this morning with his breakfast. Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Starting school, drinking coffee and reading the news! Wow! these kids are cool!!