Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yoga for Special Needs

After Grace's PERCS procedure, I received an email from a mom of another child in school with Grace at ACCDAT. There was a yoga class for special needs beginning in June. It sounded great. I meet the instructor, asked a few questions and decided this was the thing for Grace. She now goes 3 days a week and Whitney is her helper (we love her and she helps make my life easier...THANK YOU Whitney!!)  She loves it and can now even do some of the chanting.  

The whole class...Grace, Hailey and Colin make a great group.
Grace has become so much stronger and more flexible.  PERCS has much to do with her improvements but the yoga has also helped a lot.  I can't remember what this pose is called but Brenda says she does it great.
This is "fierce posture".  Doesn't she look fierce ;)
Grace and Hailey like to hold hands while they do breathing exercises. 

I went last Friday to check it all out and took Sophie.  Here she is trying to do tree pose.


BusyLizzyMom said...

What a cool class. Why does Dallas have to be so far from Toronto? Elizabeth would love it. Once again I am jealous.

Melanie said...

Oh I wish I could find a class like that for Daniel. I so badly want to get him into a class where it is "for fun" and not a therapy class (although it is kind of but he wouldn't know!)

AZ Chapman said...


Ellen Seidman said...

Great to see! Max used to get yoga at school, it was really helpful for stretching.

Amy said...

We do yoga too! We're not in a special needs class per se, but the teacher is welcoming of all children (besides us, there is normally one other special needs child in the class). I hope E will incorporate yoga into her lifestyle, to keep her flexible and strong.

Seeing you hold your daughter while standing makes me wonder if I'm staring in a mirror!!