Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are You Okay Mommy?

I've spent much of this week on the phone with our insurance providers and other agencies looking for a way to get some of Grace's therapies paid for. Can you believe that our insurance does NOT cover out-of-network physical therapy, even when the type she will be doing is not offered within a 200 miles radius!!!!!?? I'm pretty stressed about the whole situation. We have spent thousands and exhausted our savings to get Grace the help she needs to be the best she can be. I have felt at peace that we will go without vacations, and Mack and Sophie aren't able to do outside activities but where will the hemorrhaging of monies end. How much more can we take? I know that we are not destitute and for that I am so thankful but what happens if/when there is no money left. Will Grace have to go without certain therapies? That is NOT AN OPTION. Will I fail her?

Today as I was going over all this on the phone, etc, Sophie came up to me and said "Mommy, are you okay?" I was taken aback. Was she watching...listening...or did she just sense that I was not at my best. I was at the point that I honestly though I might vomit.

"I'm just a little tired today Soph. Everything's okay." I replied.

As she began to rub my arm, she leaned in and whispered "I love you mommy." That's when the tears began.


Emma said...

Some children are so perceptive and compassionate that they know when someone around them is upset. I think this is precious.


Jackie said...

They always hear - even when we don't say a thing.

I think the best thing we can share with our kids is that as human parents, we don't always have the answers, we will fail them & we mistakes. But their Heavenly Father will never fail.

I will continue to pray for your sweet family.

Anonymous said...

The Liecks love well.....what an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Bless her heart! (Looks like her heart is already blessed.)

I thought I read that the intensive was located near your home? Perhaps you were trying for reimbursement of treatment she's had previously?

I wish I could offer more hope for reimbursement or payment. Insurance related to therapy is convoluted and mostly frustrating to understand.

The emotional support you receive here is important, but I hope you have other-mother-friends who can give you tips and empathy in person.


Erin said...

So sweet... tears here, too!