Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another New Therapy

I'm so excited!!! Grace is starting an intensive therapy with Beginning Steps Therapy on August 24. This therapy will be for three hours everyday for three weeks. There is a long waiting list to get into this therapy and because three other children were not able to attend, we worked our way up the list and got in. I feel guilty for being so happy that they could not attend but also so lucky that we don't have to wait a year (as originally planned). The physical therapist, that Grace will be working with, is wonderful and is a big fan of the PERCS procedure and familiar with the work that has to be done on those muscles that had previously not been used due to the spasticity that was released during PERCS. I'm not sure that all makes sense but work with me...I'm tired. Please pray that Grace gets all she can out this and that she eats enough to replace all the calories she will be expending. She will basically be working out three hours a day. If only I could do that :)


Holly said...

I can't wait to see how she does! I've been thinking about suit therapy for next summer...You will have to fill me in :-)

Hoping things go well...

Kasey Gray said...


Is Grace still attending Conductive Ed??

Jackie said...

I know you have been wanting to get specific therapy in regards to PERCS and I am glad you were able to get so quickly. I will pray that God will bless Gracie's arms & legs and use this therapy to speed her progress.

Jacolyn said...

Kasey, we want to do CE in Oct and Nov/Dec.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jocalyn,
I've read already the top post on your frustration regarding costs.

I cannot speak with personal experience of this therapy but I do not find it suspect or without promise. I especially support a technique that is implemented by licensed therapists.

I read the website for Beginning Steps, and all the correct terms for motor success are there. (Nothing made-up.)

I also think 'intensives' have more promise of effectiveness than has been established by any standard.

I look forward to continuing to read about Grace's progress. And I will hope we meet next time I am in your area.