Friday, October 2, 2009

Happiness in a Box (with a Sharpener!)

Do you remember your first box of 64 crayons with the cool sharpener built right in? I seemed like forever that I was stuck with the box of 48 crayons. My mother just did not see the need for 64. She just didn't understand why I needed such beautiful colors as "cornflower", "atomic tangerine", "tickle-me pink", "salmon" and "spring green" and how they were required for me to complete my third grade education. I don't remember how huge the tantrumt I had to throw was, but I remember gazing loving across all 64 beautiful colors after my mother finally gave in...too afraid to ruin the perfect point of the silver or gold crayons, or heaven forbid, have to tear the wrapper because the crayon was worn too far down.

Today Kat Kat arrived at our home with the best surprise ever!!!! She noticed my kids were lacking in the crayon department, as their collection consists of broken pieces, miscellaneous stubs, and a few Princess head crayons. I guess I should say it consisted of these, because Kat Kat brought the ultimate Crayola collection. 150 different colors. A three-tiered holding caddy that locks in place to ensure easy access to each unique color. It is complete with a Super Sharpener- one that ingeniously collects the shavings in a built in compartment for easy disposal. This is the Red Rider BB Gun of Crayons.... on speed.

I was...I mean the girls were SO excited. I'm so happy that they appreciate the happiness that comes with "raw umber", "thistle", "mulberry", "blizzard blue" and a built-in sharpener.


Kristina said...

This brings me back to my childhood and the Christmas that all I wanted was the Crayola Caddy. Do you remember that? I just loved it and was so worried Santa would run out before my house - LOL! Thankfully, he did have one when he stopped and I think I played with it for years.

I loved "cornflower" and "maize". Weird how I remember that all these years later. I hope your children have as much fun with the crayons that you did when you were a kid. Enjoy!

Melanie said...

I love crayons, and somehow my youngest daughter (who is 16) has been bitten by the same bug. She has sets upon sets of crayons and she won't share. She can't stand when they get out of order or if you use her favorite color. So we have Victoria's crayons and then the general household crayons!

Hey you have an award from our blog, come on over to get it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gigantic is what I call that monster rig. I feel so sorry for you - having such a mean mother.
I bet she is sorry for being so mean to you.

Stacey said...

My twin sons have autism and they both have an obsession with tearing the paper wrappers off all their older brother's crayons. So now we have a GIANT RUBBERMAID container full of broken, peeled crayons. A container that keeps growing in weight because Mommy guilt thinks that if I buy out Crayola's stock, older brother won't think we let his brothers get away with murder. Agh.