Monday, August 18, 2008


Yes I KNOW I'm supposed to be cleaning my house!  I promised Abe there would be nothing on the floor when he got home and so far I've only succeeded in putting more stuff on the floor as I clean out drawers.  There are so many other things I'd rather be doing. Like...watching it rain, reading all the back issues of Time magazine and showing off my cute kids.  

We went to the park this morning.  Rain was in the forecast and it looked as if it would start any minute but I was up for anything to get out of the house.  We got home just before the down pour. Look how great Grace is sitting up!


THE Stephanie said...

Those are some cute kiddos! Glad you missed the rain... it's been raining here in San Antonio all morning!

AZ Chapman said...

looks like a fun morning at the park Grace looks so strong

It rained this morning too.

Patyrish said...

Oh yeah I have the same procrastinating issue you have!

The kids look great and YES Grace is sitting up AMAZINGLY well! YAY!

Jackie said...

you took your kids to the park, got to see a great rain, Gracie's sittin' tall in the saddle... What else is there?

But if you need some help, I'll bring some garbage bags and the leafblower... we'll have that room cleaned up in no time! love, j

Anonymous said...

Don't put off doing the fun things just to clean the house. I should have done more of that when you were young.

Mark Keefer said...

Play instead of clean house??!?


You made the right choice!

The Iveys said...

Going to the park is WAY more fun than organizing!!!