Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party at ACCDAT

Friday afternoon we had a Christmas party at A Child Can Do All Things.  Below is a photo of me and Grace and some of the other kids and moms.  I am so thankful for the other families that we have gotten to know.  Each child has a unique story and we all deal with "special issues".  These woman are so strong and are there to hold each other up when you think you can't do it alone...I love these ladies!
Santa came and Mack told him he wanted a truck.  Really Mack...the 50 we have aren't enough?!
Sophie had a hard time deciding what she wanted.  She said a teddy bear.  I think she panicked. (Grace refused to sit in Santa's lap)
This is Agi, one of the conductors from Hungary.  She is a new addition to the team and is amazing!  I didn't get a photo of the other Hungarian conductor, Timi (but I will :)  She has been at the school almost since the beginning and we love her!
Kasey is another conductor from Michigan.  Gracie talks about her (and the others) nonstop.
Grace with Hailey, Carly and Caroline...some of her best friends.


AZ Chapman said...

Looks like a a fun time at a great place

Love how y made a connection with the other moms that is always helpful

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing the fun.

Merry Christmas!