Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pre-School Program

Friday was a big day for us. We had a program at pre-school and a party at ACCDAT (not to mention it was the last day my Starbucks would be open). I was very excited about the program. The teachers had been telling me how Mack and Sophie had the songs down really well and Sophie's dance moves were...well, beyond interesting. In addition, Grace had been invited to participate in the program even though she had not been in pre-school during December.

Well, Sophie and Mack saw me as they were walking in and ran to me and clutched on as if there life depended on it. They did sing the songs, but only for me. Grace, however, rocked the house. She did awesome.

This is the only photo I got of Mack while they are walking in to begin the program.
Look for Sophie in the front row (right side).  I convinced her to go up with the other kids but only for a moment....
(Look at all the parents that rushed the stage to get photos.  It was hilarious.  I think I might have been a little frightened myself)
She then decides to crawl off the stage to me.
Grace has so much fun.
This is after the program.  Bekah has been Grace's aide at school and we love her! (The big bows are starting to slide off the head.  I need to work on that)

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Jackie said...

Who is that beautiful girl holding Gracie? Oh yes... that's MY baby! Thanks for posting all the picks... they're wonderful. Apparently your children really ARE normal since a lot of kids don't participate in Christmas programs, sit in Santa's lap, etc. It must be overwhelming for them - even I would be afraid (unless of course Santa was George Clooney... then I'd sit in his lap... yea baby!) love, JJ