Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Kids

So.....how's your day going? I'm trying to clean house and get ready for Abe's family coming tomorrow. It is a real challenge because I have three little helpers. Here they are acting crazy.

What you don't see in these videos is the part where Mack and Sophie start running in circles...through the dining room, living room, kitchen and back to the breakfast room. They are screaming and laughing and Grace laughs as the run past her. Then she looks up at me and says "I need to run. Mommy, I want to run with them". That's the part that sucks.


Jackie said...

She WILL run... I promise. I love you, J

BusyLizzyMom said...

I can't even imagine trying to get things done with all three on the loose.
I am sure it breaks your heart not to have Grace running around with them as well. Grace has made some amazing achievements this year and hopefully 2009 will be another year of her gaining independance and mobility.
Have a happy new year.

Leanna said...

Yes, this is so heart breaking. Just remember you probably felt like Grace would never crawl and now she is. She will get there!

AZ Chapman said...

I hope she dose too hugs to u Happy new year

Ellen Seidman said...

Just wanted to say hi, saw a post of yours on the Yahoo group. I wanted to chime in and say that I bet Grace will run, too. I can only imagine how hard it is not to compare her to Mack and Sophie—I sometimes compare Max to other kids his age when he's around them, which isn't so often.

Here's to a happy, progress-filled New Year! Adding you to blogroll.