Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

I know, I KNOW!!!  I have been very slack lately on photos and what not.  It just seem like they are extra busy right now...taxes, my other business thing, school, trying to put a house on the market and my Thursday GNOs :) are keeping us moving.  I'm also trying to arrange therapies and child care for the six weeks Grace will not be in camp.  

Last week we had 3 Valentine parties.  Two for Mack and Sophie and 1 for Grace at ACCDAT.  I chose to help with the Friday party at preschool with Mack and Sophie and in typical "Jacolyn fashion" I stressed about food, games, crafts extra.  For goodness sakes, they are 3!  Give them a sucker and they are good to go.  Below are photos at the party.  In the first one, Sophie is playing "Pin the Lips on the Teacher".  It was really fun!

I also was conflicted about Grace on Friday.  Should I take her out of ACCDAT for a few hours so she could attend the preschool party or leave her at ACCDAT and let her party with her friends there...I wouldn't be there.  I hate making these kinds of decisions....I shouldn't have to.  I know many of you have more than 1 child and deal with these decisions all the time...where to be...who to be with.  But they are triplets, they are the same age!  Why do I have to choose?!  Why can Grace not walk?  Why is she not able to be with her sibling every day?!  Why God, oh why!  It's just not fair.


KiddoKare1 said...

Hugs to you, Jacolyn! Oh, and the teacher game looks adorable!

AshleyS said...

I can't imagine being pulled in that many directions--I would feel obligated to be with all of them at once. ((HUGS!!))

Anonymous said...

Oh Jacolyn, I, so very, understand. I feel continuously pulled between my older child who was full term and very capable and my son who is not walking. It is a constant barrage of missing out on one child's life to deal with the other child's needs. Oh, how I wish I had a magic wand.