Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh Those &*^% Binkies!

And I'm not talking about the binky which is film sound slang for a mixing top sheet, indicating the layout and content of pre-mixes. (random, I know, but hey you learned something ;) I'm talking about the pacifiers, nubbies, soothers, whatever you may call them, that my kids just can't seem to give up; and I'm forever looking for. I swear I have bought a million of these things but can't ever seem to find them when one of kids if jonesing for one. I think the binkies are ganging up with the girls' hairbows and the kids' socks and are all hiding together somewhere waiting for a chance to join our stuffed animal collection in a take-over.

I know, you are thinking...just take them away and don't give them back. I'm just not up for the battle right now. Maybe it will be a New Year's resolution...along with potty training and losing 10 pounds. All very painful.

In my perfect world, I invisioned my kids would never have binkies. But they would also never throw food or hit their sister either and always think their mommy is a genius. And, well, it's not a perfect world. If you wear a Santa hat with your binky it's not so bad.


Jackie said...

We called them "night-nights" when my kids were little... Then we told them the reason they were called night- nights, is because you can only use them at night. Worked like a charm (almost!). Anyway - I'm proud to say that after 22 & 23 years, they've kicked the habit!

Look at it this way... they could constantly be putting boogers in their mouths! (See - binkies are looking better all the time!). I say keep 'em til their 20! Love, Jack-Jack

Anonymous said...

Matthew has taken to calling them night nights too. If it wasn't the bink I am sure there would be something else for us all to feel guilty about.

Love you.

Mel said...

It's better than thumb sucking, I say!

Melissa said...

Oh I wouldn't worry about it. Nathan never liked his "sucky" as we called them but my older two ADORED theirs and it was a long battle to get rid of them. I finally resorted to no longer buying them if they were lost. Once the last one was gone it was gone, for good!

Melanie said...

I also dislike them but when Daniel was younger he took one (only for about a month or so!)
But my other kids used them. My oldest use to use 3 at once, one in the mouth and squeezing the nipple parts of the other two in her hands. Weird I know, and they do magically disappear w hen you need them the most!! Those darn binkies!

Anonymous said...

This story brought back memories of when my kids had binkies!
Greatest thing ever invented...
You're a great writer and I enjoy reading your blog.