Friday, December 7, 2007

You Are Wonderfully Made

I was recently told the neatest story about a little girl who has Cerebral Palsy. (this is a friend of a friend story) This little girl was in a mainstream school with mostly neuro-typical children. She was a normal little girl except for her physical limitations resulting from CP. One day, while on the playground, a little boy started walking in front of her in a funny manner trying to imitate the little girl's gait. She immediately stopped him and said "You aren't doing it right! If you are going to imitate me, then you have to do it right. Now watch me." She then proceeded to walk around. The boy and little girl became very good friends after that.

This story really touched me. What a brave little girl! What a confident little girl. It may also have been her way of saying, "If you really take the time to get to know me, there is a lot more to me than you see."

Oh how I hope and pray I can instill this kind of confidence in my little girl. I want her to know who she is. I want her to know that walking (or not walking) differently or talking differently does not make her any less inside. I want her to know she is a child of God and no less precious in His site. I also hope and pray that others will take the time to get to know my Gracie. They may come to discover that she's smart and funny and caring. I love my little Gracie and her crazy hair.

Psalm 139:14
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.


Mel said...

"You are wonderfully made" indeed!
What a beautiful story and scripture. Thanks so much.

Patyrish said...

Love that story.

I REALLY love Gracie's hair. BEAUTIFUL blonde curls, women pay lots of money to get hair like hers.

Melissa said...

Love the story. It reminds me of a little guy I saw in the grocery store a week after Nathan was diagnosed with CP. He was the first child I had seen with AFO's on. He was about 6 or 7 years old. I asked his mom if he had CP and she said yes. I explained that Nathan had just been diagnosed and his PT and doctor had discussed his need of AFO's. We talked a bit and then I asked him if he likes wearing them? Did they make his feet hurt? etc. He very politely answered all of my questions. Then I asked him if he was able to keep up with his friends at school (probably not the most appropriate question but I was new to the CP thing)and his answer was "I do my best"...what else can we ask for! I will NEVER forget the way he said it.

Leslie said...

I wish I could get to know your sweet little Gracie. Nice post and I wish you all well.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

God sent Grace to you because you are special and capable of helping her achieve great things. I love you and your stength that you continue to amaze us with.

Jackie said...

Amazing children for an amazing mom (and dad!). I was deeply touched by your story. All your children are blessed. Thank you for your Grace and Mercy. I love you all. Jackie

Anonymous said...

OK...don't know what brought me here today, but love love love the fact that not only is she wonderfully made, but her mommy is too. You are amazing--will you ever know how many people you touch...i assume not, but wanted to let you know you touched my heart today--thanks for sharing, Jacolyn.

BusyLizzyMom said...

What a sweet story. I so hope Elizabeth's outlook will always be as it is now and if it is I have no worries of her coming up with a great come back. I always worry that through ridicule she will lose her spunky attitude. Our kids are wonderfully made and if people can't see it then they themselves are the ones who are lacking.
I can't believe how Graces eyes are so like Elizabeth's they tell everything.
I hope everyone is feeling better.

Angela said...

Thank you for that story -- I truly needed to read that today!

Jack was a binky-holic too -- one day he literally threw it down and never took it again. It's the only "easy" thing we've had so far, but I'll take it (lol, just kidding of course).

Morgan is headng down the same path and I am constantly binky buying and binky hunting! I'll tell you we moved to a new house shortly after Jack's binky craze ended and I found enough to fill an entire shoe box! Then it made me sad that he was too grown up to take one anymore...hee hee

Kathryn said...

Beautifully said! Ugh - your pics are not coming through on my computer.