Monday, February 4, 2008

UGHHH Monday

It's a Monday and I'm feeling it. I thought if I got through January everything would be great. January was FULL of appointments, evaluations and therapies...not just for Grace but for Mack and Sophie as well. I'm exhausted and can't seem to pull myself out of the funk. I need to be making appointments for the ophthalmologist and the allergist but if I have to see one more doctor I may lose it. I'm just hoping Tuesday will be a better day.

In the meantime, this sweet girl is helping me with tax returns. She is adding numbers on the calculator with amazing accuracy. She just looked at my watch and said "Oh, that's a pretty bracelet". So we are going to go find more pretty jewelry. Maybe the day won't turn out all bad.


Jackie said...

O Jac - the weather is dreary, the walls are closing in and you can't wait for the postman to come so you will have an ADULT to talk to? Been there... done that! In the immortal words of Janis Joplin, all I can say is "HOLD ON, HOLD ON, HOLD ON..."

I'll be there soon - love, J

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is minute by minute....I feel your pain! Sounds like gimpy is coming soon!

Love you.

Melissa said...

Awww, Nathan is sitting on lap and when he saw Grace he said "coot baby, she having a dwink." I told him her name and he said "Hi Grace! You having a dwink in cup?" Oh I wish the kids could meet and play. It would be so amazing to see them interact with eachother and know that there are others out there that are just like them. Wouldn't that be great? Hopefully someday! She is just so precious and Mack and Sophie too :)

Oh and Grace, go for the BIG, sparkling diamonds, you deserve the best! hehe

Kelly said...

Oh, I so know what you mean about Mondays! Mine has turned out pretty good and, judging from that cute pic, yours couldn't have ended up too badly! :)

:) kel

Anonymous said...

Last week I was in a frump for a whole week. I don't know if it was the weather (I'm not a winter person)or pure laziness. I need to get back to the gym that usually makes me feel better. Love to all Grannie D.