Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello Lover

I'm in love!! And no, Shelly, Kat and Coleen, not with Robert Pattinson! And not with Edgar Allan Poe pictured below...even though he has that mysterious tortured soul thing going on that I always liked.

I am in love with my very own sweet Kindle. Little did I know when he/she/it arrived in my mailbox as a birthday gift from my sis, bro, mom, etal, that I would be so smitten and that we would become so close. I long for the times when it is completely quiet and Kindle can rest in my hands sending me pieces of shocking, funny, sad, dramatic literature...we laugh and we cry. I am even thinking all the holiday travel will not be so bad now because I have Kindle. I can read while Abe drives and if I finish a book...I can just download another!!!! As an added bonus there are even some of the classics that you can get for free!!!! Free I tell you!! I have even purchased the cutes reversible orange/blue case and light. All is right with the world when I am with my Kindle.

So, if there is someone you really love, get them a Kindle for Christmas...unless you get jealous ;)


Anonymous said...

Love this post, Jacolyn! We have been seduced, er, tempted to buy a Kindle. I will keep you post in mind! Barbara

Shannon said...

I love it! I would never get anything done, wait... maybe that is why my hubby says no way :)