Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Muck and Mire

I think I'm finally coming out of my funk...at least let's hope so for my husband's sake. I can't really explain why, but I tend to get a little out of sorts as the holidays approach. I become overwhelmed with all the activities and expectations...mine and others. My routine is messed up. I can never find the perfect gifts. I always spend too much money. There is a lot of packing and unpacking as we travel about. I miss my dad. We are considering scooters for Mack and Sophia for Christmas, but what about Grace. It all just culminates in one big pile of funk. Abe just doesn't understand..."we have so much to be thankful for"..."we are so blessed" he continues to remind me. YES I KNOW!!! I know that we are very blessed but let me work through my funk. It's the only way, just let me deal with it.

In the midst of all my mire, my kids continue to grow and amaze me. They continue to love me unconditionally while I feel at my most unloveable. They are so excited about Christmas and everything it brings...Jesus, Santa, lights, cookies and of course, presents. Grace continues to get stronger everyday even though I am quite lax on her exercise routine. She is currently standing 20 seconds unassisted!! Here she is standing with a little help from the sofa. Thank you God for the blessings....I'm starting to see the light.


BusyLizzyMom said...

I am with you, this time of the year is very stressful. We are functioning on overdrive normally and adding Christmas on top of it is overwhelming.
I can see how hard it would be to buy something for Sophie and Mack but not for Grace, that would pull at your heart.
I am glad you are getting out of your funk. I am sure it helps with the 3 talking about Christmas all the time. Elizabeth is beyond excited and she makes it pretty contagious.

twinmama said...

Ditto. The holidays definitely ramp up all the emotions for sure. Funny about the scooter: we're trying to decide whether or not to get one for Isabelle. I think we might just get one and tell the girls it's for both of them, and let Hannah try it out and have fun playing with it while Isabelle can also use it the way it's supposed to be used. We do this also with a bike that has training wheels that someone gave us: Hannah can't ride it of course, but she likes to sit on it and be pushed around and she takes turns with isabelle, who can ride it correctly. Just a thought...might be too hard with 3...anyway hang in there...and Go Grace on the standing!!! Amazing!