Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Painting Easter Eggs

Saturday before Easter Crissy (my brother's SIL) had everyone over to decorate eggs. This wasn't your ordinary "dye the eggs" party. She had wooden eggs, styrofoam eggs, and several other types of eggs. There were paints, markers, stickers, etc. Thanks Crissy for a great party!

The little girl in the middle is not my fourth triplet even though she could pass for one. This is Aubrey, my niece, who is only 10 days younger than my three.
Grace really got into it at first and then got bored like I always do when it comes to crafts.
Sophie is very focused on her painting. I think she is so much like my sister (see below).
Mack wasn't interested at first until the Cars stickers came out.
I had to add a photo of my sister Shelly. Look at that intense concentration on her face. She is the artist in the family. I have absolutely no artistic ability.


Jackie said...

I remember all the special Easter times with the girls. Seems like yesterday. I'm glad you take the time to enjoy your children. I was so blessed to be able to spend time with Bek &, J

AZ Chapman said...

Looks like y had fun come visit I wrote a post about growing up with CP.

Chrissy said...

I had so much fun with the kids. I can't believe they all did that well with it. I was amazed how much they enjoyed themselves.

Anonymous said...

It was great fun, and thanks so much Crissy.

Mark Keefer said...

Love that picture of Shelly. You'll have to post a pic of her finished product.

Looks like all the kids had a GREAT time together. Reality is that they probably did, that is until picture time.