Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Big Bus, Little Bus

Mack LOVES anything with wheels that moves. He likes motorcyles, cars, trucks and even giant excavators (yes, I now know what that is). However, he does have a special fondness for buses. Big buses, little buses, yellow buses or even purple buses (he REALLY liked the purple one but it wasn't ours and we couldn't bring it home). Given a choice between a really cool car with flames and a plain yellow bus...always the bus. The bus must always be empty. Don't try taking a Little People or Tad the LeapFrog for a ride...he won't have it! Hmmm....I wonder what this says about him.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!! NiNi

Angel said...

Your kiddies are so cute! I LOVE Mack's blond curls OMG!! HOW CUTE IS HE! Glad to see you are still somewhat sane...I believe I lost it a long time ago! LOL
Angel& the triplets

Billie said...

Those curls are TO DIE FOR!!! How will you ever be able to cut them!? They are all three so gorgeous:)