Saturday, July 14, 2007

Really Cool Water Park


Today's outing was to this little water park near our house. We had no idea it was there until a friend mentioned it to us (thanks for the great idea Corey!) It's just small enough to be able to manage triplets and it is free! After spending $45 to get into Wiggle's World we are loving free fun. Our friend Brian (Abe's best friend from 8th grade who just happens to live 6 houses down from us) went with us. He loves the triplets and is always "willing" to hang out with us even though he knows that at any minute there could be a "toddler meltdown" or worse a "triple meltdown".

On a side note....Brian is our friend who taught Mack that it is really fun to STAND on the Sit-N-Spin. Thanks Brian!! We can't wait to teach your new baby (who will be here in Sept) to do all kinds of fun stuff :)

Again, Gracie was our big fish. She loves the water! Mack and Sophie were a bit alarmed about the shooting water but we ended up having a great day. I think the water park will be a weekly's fun and...did I mention it's FREE!

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KiddoKare1 said...

I've seen those around-we don't have one in my little bitty town. They sure do look fun!