Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No Nap Today For Grace

Grace refused to take a nap today which was shocking considering she had OT at 7:30 and an appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician at 9:00. She had a busy morning and I thought she would be wiped out. After lunch she got a second wind and decided we needed to work more on her walking. So I walked around and around the house with her...she was relentless It was nice because Mack and Sophie were asleep and were not in our way. We had a great time but I really wish we had her gait trainer (we STILL don't have it...GRRRRR). She wants to be mobile so badly. In one of the photos above she is standing ALL BY HERSELF while holding onto the pak-n-play where we practice cruising (this is also where Mack usually spends at least a few minutes a day for time-out :). I'm so very proud of Grace...she is such a hard worker and I know she will be walking and chasing Mack and Sophie before long.

....And by His light I WALKED through darkness. Job 29:3b

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