Thursday, April 3, 2008

Grace and Crunchie

Every Thursday Grace and I drive out to Wylie, Texas for hippotherapy. It's a 40 minute drive there and back so Grace and I get some alone time. We usually jam out to the Wiggles or Prince or Jack Johnson...depending on what mood we are in. I enjoy our mornings at Equest. Maybe it's the country girl in me, but I love the sounds and the smells in the stable. Grace loves it too. After the first two sessions she decided that Crunchie (her horse) was great and riding was pretty cool and there has been no more crying. The first 10 minutes of the sessions are spent attaching the electrical stimulation device and doing some stretching. This is not her favorite part of the morning and she just wants to see Crunchie as soon as possible. After the stretching she rolls into the stable and gets to ride. I love seeing the smile on her face! She and Crunchie are a wonderful team.

Getting ready to ride! The technical device on her back is attached to electrodes which are stuck on her adductor muscles.
Just a little trick riding. She rides in different positions during the session. This week was the first week she rode standing up. She loved it! My little dare devil. (The woman in aqua is Grace's physical therapist and the other ladies are volunteers who work under the PT's instruction. They are all so wonderful.)
Check out that sweet face. She is so proud!
Walking Crunchie in from the arena. Way to go Grace and Crunchie!
A carrot for a well deserving horse.


Jackie said...

What beautiful pics. I cried while looking at them. I'm so proud of Gracie & Crunchie. They are both heros to me. love, J

Anonymous said...

Way to go Grace! She looks like a pro. I am so glad you found that therapy for her.

Love you.

Kat said...

Oh...that made me cry....sweet Grace...too bad that cute horse has an awkward name like Crunchie :) At least he has a noble profession- princess transportation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. What a wonderful thing these people do. I also cried. They are tears of joy and thanksgiving.
She has a wonderful Mother.

Kelly said...

How wonderful! She is thriving so, so much and it shows. All of your dedication and love is evident in those sweet little smiles from Grace. Way to go Grace!

:) Kelly

Melissa said...

Grace is so cute! I want to do that with Nathan so bad but the cost is just too much and we don't have a stable that is close to us.

Ask Kat what I have been up to:P She will fill you on the recent events in my oh so exciting love life :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Patyrish said...

Wow she looks great on that horse. I really need to get Makily into hippotherapy

Anonymous said...

Looks like a rodeo queen to me, yea Gracie. Grannie

BusyLizzyMom said...

I love the pictures of Grace and Crunchie (sorry Kat but I like the name, it is kind of sweet for a horse who loves carrots). I can't believe they have her standing up on the horse, what a dare devil. I really will have to look for a center near us, I am a bit envious and I think Elizabeth would really benefit from it.
Thanks for the tag I have been ignoring previous ones but seeing that both you and Melissa tagged me the peer pressure was too much.