Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Conductive Education - 2nd Camp

Grace began her second Conductive Education camp last week. We saw so much success from the first one so we are so excited to be able to enroll her again. This camp has a total of 8 children with 2 conductors and 6 aides. I was a little overwhelmed seeing so many children since there were only 3 in the last camp. I was worried that Grace wouldn't get enough individual attention but each child has someone working with them at all times. She continues to get stronger with floor movement as well as walking.

Not only will CE be good for Grace, it is also a good thing for me. I am able to meet and interact with the other parents. Even though the disabilities/abilities vary among each child, the parents are experiencing much of the same things...grief, confusion and many times frustration. It is comforting to know that you are not the only one on this journey and someone understands.

We have pre-enrolled Grace for a full day camp in July. Thank you, thank you to everyone who helped make this happen for know who you are.


Mel said...

Does she go to "A Child Can Do All Things"?

I would love to take Crew there.

Are most of the kids TX residents or do they accept kids from out of town? If so, what kind of accommodations are available?

Grace... you go girl!

Jacolyn said...

Yes, she does go to A Child Can Do All Things. How did you hear about it? I know there are a few kids from out of town and they are staying in a hotel. I would love for Crew to go with Grace...and we could hang out :)

The Brown Bunch said...

I too have triplets, I love to hear about others fun times. Keep up the good work!! They are wonderful.

Mel said...

I think I first heard about it from this blog. It would totally be fun to have Crew and Grace together in the same class. I just don't know what I would do with my other boys for 4 weeks.

If they had CE in the Houston area, I could stay with my brother. Do you know of anything like that there?

AZ Chapmen said...

I can't wait to hear how she is progressing in therapy

Jacolyn said...

Mel, I don't think there is a place in Houston. There are 2 children at ACCDAT from Houston right now. They are staying in a hotel.

Jacolyn said...

Mel, you can check the Inter-American Conductive Education Assoc website
for location that they have accredited. I know they are some other locations that are not accredited and does it matter...I don't know. ACCDAT is list on the website.