Friday, April 25, 2008

Isn't She Lovely

We are so excited! Grace started her 2nd Conductive Education camp this week (more on that later). She will go every day for 4 hours for 4 weeks. We tried going the full 6 hours but she still needs a nap (who doesn't? :) so we will wait until July to attend a full day. After her 4 hour "work-out" she gets a great nap!

I love watching her sleep. She is so beautiful (I know I'm biased). She also looks so peaceful and so "normal". There is no struggling to crawl or walk or sit-up or eat with a spoon. There is no longing in her eyes as she watches her siblings running around and asks to walk. Unfortunately I still feel the worry and the longing and the pain but she sleeps...all is well with the world.


Jackie said...

Sleeping Beauty for sure. And it won't be long before she will be chasing her brother & sister - I just know it! love you all, J J

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and a real sweet heart. I just want to hug her.

CP and Me said...

Watching our kids sleep is the best thing in the world, and she really is beautiful!

Good luck with the CE. I hope some day we can try that for Hannah.

Let's try for our phone date some time soon...

Patyrish said...

she is perfect.

I feel the same thing when Makily sleeps. I could watch her all night. She is so peaceful and at ease.