Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coloring and Ice Cream

Grace and Sophie are sick today and have stayed home from school.  I really think it's primarily allergies but we're just playing it safe.  I love watching the girls play together.  The dynamic is so different when you throw Mack in the mix.  The actually play without tackling and don't have to run in circles all day.  We are having a relaxing morning....just the 3 of us.  My kids recently acquired their cousins' kitchen and they love it.  This morning Sophie had to cook some ice cream so they could eat it while they color.  She handed some to Grace and received a very polite "thank you Sophia" (yes, she is the only one that calls her Sophia) and they both sat down to color.  Grace is drawing spiders and Sophie is drawing birds.  My brilliant little girls :)

ps...Shelly, I'm so so sorry about the picnic table.  I promise I'll replace it.

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Jen said...

that wouldn't have happened if Aubrey & Beck would have gotten that would be in my kitchen and used lovingly everyday.