Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grace's First Day At Mainstream Preschool

Yesterday was Grace's first day at Northway Christian Day School with Mack and Sophia.  She was going to start on Wednesday but was a little under the weather that day so yesterday was the big day.  The conductor from ACCDAT was meeting us there at 9:30 to show the teacher things about proper seating, walking and such. I was pretty excited about the day and had everything I thought we would need...walker, stool, stroller, suction hand grip for the table, lunches etc.

We got there a little early so that Grace could walk into her classroom and get situated before all the other kids arrived. As soon as got everyone out of the van and ready to walk to the building, I got very sick to my stomach. How was this going to go? Was this going to work? Grace is the only child with a disability at the school...could they handle it? Would it be too much of a disruption for the other children? I kind of started panicking a bit. It was taking us a little longer than I had hoped to get to the building...Sophie was tripping off the backpacks (she must carry everyone's), Grace had her walker and Mack kept trying to help her with the walker. It was a bit crazy and other parents and children started arriving. They would all pass us with a "good morning" and a smile as we struggled to make it to the door. I felt like we really stuck out. I finally pick Grace up and went it. I let her walk down the hall to her class. It seemed as if everyone in the school was expecting her and all the teachers and aides greeted her.

The morning went okay. Grace cried a bit and we worked with Timi (the conductor at ACCDAT and Ms Scott making sure we had everything she would need. I love her teacher and I can tell she wants to do what is best for Grace. In fact, she called me today wanting to see how I felt everything went. I told her it was going to be an adjustment for everyone involved but I thought it was going to be great. We'll see how next week goes.


Jen said...

Too Cute!!! Grace looks so happy at school. Wow and I love that you were able to get all 3 in the pic. Who got the girls those adorable outfits...someone that really loves them, I bet!!

The Morgan Mommy said...

Awwwww, she will do great and feel so loved. I can tell just by what you wrote! I'm routing for her ...and you! :)

Anonymous said...

They all look right at home. Cute picture. Can't wait to hear how next week goes.

twinmama said...

Wow, wow, wow! This is so big and so exciting! We've put off preschool until next Fall for the girls but I know I'll be a total wreck once their time comes. I'm so eager to hear how it all goes. How wonderful that one of the conductors was there to facilitate/educate the staff. Sounds like the staff is really open and interested in doing what's best to help Grace be successful. Smart to bring her own stool! Keep us posted on how it's going...from the picture it looks like they're all having fun!

Bird said...

I think it is so wonderful that you're doing that. I worked at an inclusion teacher for two years and let me tell you something: there are always gonna be people who think it's too big of a pain in the butt to mix in "the special kids." The kids almost always flourished, though.

Ummmm. . . I saw the link below and was wondering if you're in Dallas? Our ABR satellite will be in Plano. Small world.