Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm So Not Ready For This!

I need to what?  I need to be preparing my children for "that talk"! Really?!  My children are 3!!

Last week at bible study (Bad Girls of the Bible...very cool study), someone mentioned how we are living in a sex saturated society and that we, as mothers, need to begin teaching our children at an early age about sex.  The point was...our children will start learning about it from others at a very early age and we should be the one to talk with our children...we should be their loving authority on the issue.  I totally agree but I had no idea that kindergartners could be talking about this stuff.  One mother even mentioned that her five year old came home saying that a 5 year old friend watches her 16 year old brother have sex.  What!!!!!  That scares the crap out of me!!!

Well, all righty then.  In true Type A form (yes, I used to be really Type A...I've mellowed a lot) I started seeking assistance in this area.  Yes, I had been discussing body parts with my kids, using the medical terms, but I did not think I would need to consider anything further than that for, let's say....10 more years!!!  It is so upsetting to me and angers me that we have to take the innocence of our children away so early in order to help preserve their order to lay a foundation before their friend Sally Jo tells them about sex in the first grade.  Oh yes, it happens!!!   

This morning I attended a lecture conducted by Mary Flo Ridley
entitled "Shaping Your Child's Sexual Character". It was really help and I highly recommend that you see her speak or order her DVDs if you can.  She had some great advice on how to begin structuring a foundation with your children on the subject which will enable you to have those talks when you need to.  Okay NiNi, please don't be freaking out...I am not about to have the "sex talk"  with my three years olds but Abe and I are definitely forming a plan to get to that point some day.  Oh dear us!!


Jackie said...

I'll be happy to have the talk with them... in the meantime, have Abe nail their windows shut.

Kat said...

I never had the talk and I turned out just fine...HA...

Anonymous said...

I learned about sex from seeing my best friends parents doing it when I was 6. Then I went home and asked my mom about humping, at the dinner table. This was in 1986 and it is a much scarier world now. I don't want to think about having that talk with my 4 year old son, so I feel your fears.

Mel said...

"a 5 year old friend watches her 16 year old brother".... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

What is this world coming too?

You are smart to have a plan!

KiddoKare1 said...

It is a scary world sometimes, isn't it? When Serenity was in 1st or 2nd grade, she came home from a friend's house telling us that "B**** is not allowed to go to S**'s house anymore because S**'s mom has AIDS from sexing". I wasn't at all prepared for that, I still remember the shocked and angry feeling. Both because I was not ready for my child to even know about anything like that and because of the other parent's discrimination. Mel's right, you are definitely smart to have a plan!