Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mack, Mommy, Coffee and Cookies

Grace gets a lot of my attention...it's a given. We spend a lot of time on the road to therapies as well as working together on things at home. Some things and people get neglected. Mack is one of them. Yesterday, I droped the girls off at the house to spend a few minutes with my sister-in-law while Mack and I went to Starbucks. He was a little unsure about the situation but settled right in with his huge cookie and chocolate milk. We talked about school and acted silly. It was so nice and we'll have to do it more often.

These photos were taken with my camera phone and are a bit blurry but I think his smile says it all.


Katy said...

Parenting. . . I'm sure there are those that think they're doing it perfectly, but the rest of us are never quite sure. Thankfully, we have those smiles to help us out!

Gosh, did that make any sense? I think it's time for bed.

Jackie said...

Awesome pic... smile says it all! love, J

The Iveys said...

I want to start a tradition like this with my son! Some great Mommy/Son time. Plus I LOVE STARBUCKS! Love the pics, he's precious.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a very happy young man. His eyes really look blue. He is a Hunk!!

AZ Chapman said...

just a reminder I will not be in TZ this weekend sigh

happy Halloween