Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Riding in Circles

Mack and Sophie are extremely active and are many times running circles around the house.  Grace will say "I want to run" or "I want to chase Mack" and I try to accommodate her the best I can.  She wants to mix it up with her brother and sister so badly.  Last week while waiting for daddy to come home so we could go to Neighborhood Night Out, I put Grace in her tricycle and pushed her behind Mack and Sophie.  Sophie insisted on are few photos.   The first picture is Sophie in the fire truck at Neighborhood Night Out.

Sorry there has been no blogging of substance for me for awhile...I'm exhausted.


Mel said...

I love to see the 3 of them playing together like that! You are so good to let them bring their trikes in the house:)

AZ Chapman said...

thats a great picture for inclusion

Anonymous said...

Love those B0O outfits? Great to see that Grace is getting chase Mack. Love, Ni