Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mom's Day Out

The trio started Mom's Day Out This week. Mack and Sophie go on Tues while Grace goes to PT and gets to hang out with mom all day and all three go on Thurs. I was a little nervous about the whole thing. On Tues morning I was awake at 4 am thinking about packing their lunch, wondering how they would do for so long away from mom, etc. Well, I think our first week was mostly a success. The hardest part for me has been staying in the "invisible hug box" while they go into the classroom (Mack and Grace cry). Mack never cries for long but I have to tear myself away. Grace did cry on and off today but was able to be consoled. So far, I love the MDO program. Everyday they do a craft, sings songs, have story time and play outside. I am given a report in writing about the day and how each child did when I pick them up. Here are a few comments from the teachers.

Mack - Tues "Mack played with the cars but I think his favorite thing today was playing in the home living center with pots, dishes and spoons"
Thurs "Mack had a wonderful day. Today he knew exactly what activity was coming next. We are so proud of him.

Sophie - Tues "Sophie is very independent, she moved from center to center just having fun"
Thurs "She is so independent. She had a great day"

Grace - Thurs "Her favorite book was the Wiggles"

I'm such a proud mama :)

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