Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moms Say the Craziest Things

Today I was thinking of some of the things I've said since I've had kids...things I would have never imagined myself saying:

Do you have a poopy diaper? Can you say poo poo?
I have to go (get off the phone), I have to get Play Dough out of Mack's ear.
Mommy is putting you in time-out because xxxxx (insert, biting, hiting, throwing things, etc)
Oh, that looks like spinach on the wall.
We don't tackle our sister.
Are you ready to go night-night? Let's get your lovie bear.
Mommy needs to go to the bathroom by herself.
Deli meat is easier to sweep up if you let it dry first.
You don't need to bite me if you want my attention.

Random...I know, but have a great day!!

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jackie said...


You're the most beautiful baby in the world.